Working from home just got easier

Spike helps teams stay connected with Conversational Email, Chat, Video Calls and collaborative tools built into a seamless, powerful inbox.

Talk to People.
Not threads.

‘Sending’ Replying’, ‘Headers’, ‘Signatures’… they do nothing for your productivity. Clear all the clutter and transform your email into your favorite thing about messaging – instant, short and simple. Welcome to conversational email.

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Spike is a great blend of email and messaging. It strips away the unnecessary parts of traditional email and has added bonuses that save me so much time. It’s genius!

Jozsef Juhasz is recommending Spike Email App
Jozsef Juhasz Freelance Web Designer & Developer

Real Time Awareness

Spike lets you practically read minds by seeing when someone is typing you a response in real-time and when anyone has opened your sent message.

Voice & Video Calls

Talk and send, or face-to-face – it’s all built in – right into your email. (You’ll love this one).

File Management

Quickly preview or drag-and-drop any type of file without downloading it. Everything is completely visible right inside your message.

Get more options.
Deal with less bull$h%t.

Spike combines all the tools you need into your inbox – messaging, collaboration tools, all your work, and personal email accounts and all calendars. Everything is here, so you can give switching between apps a rest.

As someone who receives hundreds of emails every day, the efficiency and speed with which I can process and respond to messages is everything.

Micha Kauffman is recommending Spike Email App
Micha Kaufman CEO Fiverr

Conversational email. Finally.

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Forget collaboration apps.
Start a group right here.

Teams need to collaborate. Your clients need to discuss things. Create live, easy to follow group chats directly from your email. No logins, no links, just everyone staying on the same page. (Talk about efficiency.)

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Spike has done a really good job of getting the features I need from messenger apps into email, like a business chat. Spike is the best of both worlds, with zen-like simplicity.

Darren Olstad is recommending Spike Email App
Darren Olstad Founder, Crowne Law

No more being a slave to your inbox.

Whoever invented priority inbox is a smart guy. (Ours is a genius). Spike’s priority inbox keeps you from seeing pointless messages so your default inbox is always clutter free and you can stay in the zone.

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Less noise. Less clutter. It’s like finding the holy grail of efficiency.

Conrad Levin is recommending Spike Email App
Conrad Levine Business Advisor

Spike everywhere

Use Spike on any device and pump up your productivity

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