Your collaboration unicorn

Personal or collaborative online Notes, built right into your Inbox

Create and edit docs without leaving the Inbox

No more switching between docs, messenger, email and updating your project board. Control your workflow, without breaking your flow.

Spike Notes can help capture everything from your wildest ideas to a quick status update instead of your team meeting to your shared grocery list with your roomie. Notes go as far as your imagination does: use words, images, code, or videos. Attach all your files, add to-dos and set reminders for easy project management.
access your notes

Access your Notes
anywhere, anytime

Your Note is automatically saved and synced across your devices and accessible on your mobile, desktop or web browser, anytime, or all at the same time.

Do more—together

With Spike Notes, everyone can write, brainstorm, edit, and make decisions—together.

Collaborative Notes

Invite away

Share your Note with anyone, even if they don’t have Spike.

Online Note

It's alive

Create, edit and collaborate together in real-time.

Comment and collaborate

This just makes more sense

Chat and comments built-in to your collaborative Note.

Now everything you need to get real work done, is in your Inbox.
Notes Collaboration

Cut distractions.
Stay focused.
Get more done.

Notifications are automatically sent to the top of your Inbox feed—so there’s no need to update anyone when you edit. Everything takes place in your Inbox, so you can finally get work done without distracting notifications breaking your flow.

Shareable Notes

Collaboration Loves Email!

Spike is all about inclusion. No matter if your contacts or team use Spike or not. From LA to Tokyo and beyond, everyone can join and get collaborative Notes thanks to the power of email. Your best workflow yet—accelerated with Spike.

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