Special Offer for I&1 IONOS Customers

Spike and 1&1 IONOS have partnered to provide you with an innovative new way to use your email. This service is frictionless – try Spike for free! If you love it, go Premium!



Free For 1&1 IONOS

Premium Plan

  • 1 free business account
  • Unlimited personal accounts*
  • Unlimited business accounts – special discount for 1&1 IONOS users
Searchable Message History
  •  Up to 100k messages
  • Unlimited search
  • iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and web browser
  • iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and web browser
  • Basic email support
  • Priority email support
Pricing (per business account)
  • 1st business account is free
  • € 2.99 per business account (paid annually)
  • € 3.99 per business account (paid monthly)



*A personal account is any generic email address such as Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, etc.


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