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The world's first conversational email app

Bring all of your communication: your emails, chats, calls, team collaborations - everything you need to help you stop wasting productivity hours - to your Inbox.

Transform your email into your favorite thing about messaging – instant, short and simple.



Designed for everyone. Made for teams. Tools you actually need.



Conversational Email

Spike keeps things simple. No endless threads. No headers. No repeating signatures. No noise.
It's quick, clear, and intuitive.

Built-in Team Collaboration

Groups are are the quickest and easiest way to collaborate with colleagues and clients, all from your Inbox. No need to download new apps and anyone with an email account can join a Group at any point.

Instant access, real-time messaging and the simplest way to find any attachment or file.

Read Tracking

Get real-time awareness. See when anyone has received or opened your message and when someone is typing you a response in real-time.



We can’t control the workload, but we can make it easier, more effective, and efficient, and even gain some time back to spend on the other things we love.


Welcome to the shortest path to done ✔️

Spike Multi Platform email app




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