Set Reminders and Snooze to “Someday”

Snoozing to ‘Someday’ is a unique Spike feature.

If you have a Task or a message that you need to deal with or get back to later, but it doesn’t have a specific due date, this is what snoozing to ‘Someday’ is for.

‘Someday’ will hide the Task/Thread from your Inbox feed and it’ll wait in your Task list and Snoozed list.
That way, when you feel inspired to get things done, you can open your lists and get through those tasks when you have time.


Here is how to use Someday on Spike Desktop and Mobile

  • Mobile

  • Desktop

  • If you have 'Quick Swipe' turned on:

    Swipe right for the actions menu

    To do list
  • If you have the default swipe gestures:

    Swipe left and tap ‘More’

  • In the menu, tap 'Someday'

    Snoozing to someday
  1. Hover over a Thread or a Task

  2. Click the 3 dots that appear

    Task actions
  3. Click 'Someday'

    Snoozing to someday

    This will snooze the Task/Thread out of your inbox and will add it to you Snoozed list (if it’s a thread).
    Snoozed tasks will still appear in the Task list.

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎