Built in Video Meetings and Calls

Email meets video with 1-click video meetings in your Inbox

Keep the conversation flowing - go from text to voice to a video call

Start or join a meeting from any email thread or team chat.

No app switching, no context switching.
Say goodbye to plugins, creating accounts, and logins. With Video Meetings and Audio Calls fully integrated into your Inbox, your workflow stays- well...flowing!

Collaborate from anywhere

From your computer or on the go - Spike makes video meetings possible from anywhere.

Seamless workflow empowers collaboration

Built-in Video Meetings are perfect for quick 1:1 calls or team meetings—
especially when words are not enough to get a point across.

spikes video calls

Screen sharing

Share your screen so everyone’s on the same page.

start video meeting with spike

Simple access

1 click video meetings. Start a Video Meeting right from your conversation.

spike video calls emojis

More expression. Greater connection.

Show some extra personality on your call with Emoji Reactions.

Start or join a Video Meeting in 1 click
video meetings

Have a Video Meeting with anyone, even if they’re not on Spike

Share a meeting invite directly from your conversation. 1 click, and they’re in, even if they're on Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

Have a team meeting, call a client, or just to say hi to your mom. Doesn't matter what device they're on. No time limits. No apps to install. No hassle.

video meetings through your calendar

Schedule Video Meetings from your calendar

Secure Video Meeting links are automatically included in event invites without any additional plugins or integrations.