Bring your colleagues, clients, and partners together with groups

Collaborate with everyone, privately on any topic or task.

Bring the right people together

Groups are a perfect way to have private discussions with the right people, both within and outside of your organization. Easily invite others to join the conversation using their email, or join Spike for the full communication experience.

Everything in one place

Groups offer instant access, and real-time replies, making them perfect for private team collaboration, and keeping everyone updated at all times. Plus, they make finding attachments a breeze, so everyone can easily get the files they need in no time!

Say goodbye to your other group chat apps

From brainstorming sessions to making impactful decisions, you can rely on Groups to keep everyone on the same page, even if they're not using Spike. Forget the hassle of switching between messaging apps. Groups provide everything you need in one cohesive space.

Work together, any way you choose


Channels are perfect for discussing any topic, brainstorming new ideas and making important decisions. Plus they always include the chat’s history.

Conversational email

Conversational email turns your email threads into easy to read chat-like conversations. No messy email threads, confusion, or time wasted.


Groups are ideal for private discussions with people inside and outside of your company. Unlike channels, history isn't visible to new members.

You have questions, we have answers

  • Channels:
    Dedicated spaces for team members to discuss any topic within the organization.
    All team members are automatically included and can see the full message history.

    Used for streamlined communication and created for any topic or project. Both internal and external stakeholders can be invited. Joining requires an invitation and new members won’t see chat history.

  • To create a group just hit the button to the right of the blue pen button. In the next screen you can choose ‘create group. Then fill in the group name and add all the people you want to be a part of that group. (If you forgot someone you can always add them later on).

  • You can add as many people as you want to the group by adding their names (if they are your teamspace members) or by adding the email addresses of people outside your teamspace.