Groups – your collaborative Inbox

An online workplace for multiple conversations.
Just like your favorite messaging app.

Groups make sense. Groups are the quickest and easiest way to collaborate with your team. Groups save everyone the endless email threads, bringing productivity to dizzying new heights. You need a simple and functional team collaboration tool to help you plan, manage and execute together in real time, and we’ve got just the thing.

Instantly create a Group for any team collaboration, project or client—anything that’s relevant to your business—and collaborate just like you would face to face.
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Everything in one place

There’s no need to download new software or apps for team collaboration. Anyone with an email account can join a Group at any point and jump straight into the conversation. Just like you would on your favorite messaging app. Only this time it’s in your email. Genius.

Instant access, real time replies, and a simple app design mean that Spike's team collaboration app makes your project easier to manage than ever before, keeping you in the loop at all times. It’s also the simplest way to find any attachments or files, giving everyone access to the files they need, when they need them.

Get Collaborative. Get Groups Now
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Say goodbye to your other team chat apps

Share Groups with clients and businesses you regularly work with and create dynamic workspaces for team collaboration—get one for each department, project, office, yoga buddies, whatever you need, it’s open to everyone. All they need is email.

Groups is a collaborative tool for businesses that keeps people together and everyone on the same page. Simply open a Group and invite everyone who needs to be a part of the conversation. You don’t need to switch between separate team messenger apps and you don’t need other apps to share files.


Create a Group just as you would compose a new message. Hit the ‘ ✏️’ button at the bottom left of your Spike app and in the next screen you’ll be able to choose ‘Group.’ Once you’ve selected that you are creating a Group you can fill in the Group name and add all the people that you want to be a part of that Group. (If you forgot someone you can always add them later on).

You can add as many people as you want to the Group, whether it’s three people or three hundred.

Groups help you brainstorm, share, and chat together with your team in the most efficient way. Create a Group for anything–from work projects to bachelorette planning. Communicating with multiple people in one place has never been easier.

You can add anyone and everyone! If they’re not using Spike it will show up as an email correspondence format instead of a chat form.