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Not to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty much everywhere ✌?

iOS and Android, Windows and MacOS. Forgot your mobile or computer? Just log in via our web browser.

The best things in life are free, like spring flowers, the fresh breeze of the ocean, a child’s love, you know, those things. 

We would love to give you the best Conversational Email for free, but if you’re a business owner like us, then you know that any business has operating costs. And we have no plans of shutting down ANY time soon. Or ever. We’re going to live forever (message us privately for the secret). So we made Spike almost entirely free.

Spike is free for anyone with a personal email address such as you or and has less than 100,000 messages (trust us, that’s a lot).

If you have a custom domain email address, such as  then you’ll need a Pro plan.

If you have a personal email address, such as or and are not a heavy user, then Spike is free. Woohoo! A heavy user is an email Pro. Once you cross the 100,000 message mark, then you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro plan.

If you have a custom domain, such as, then you’ll need to subscribe in order to get all the awesome benefits Spike offers. 

Since the price is per account, you can connect as many personal domains as you wish, and add on as many custom domains as you need, and find everything all together in your Unified Inbox.

You’re the boss! Add or remove custom domains at any time.

Discounts may be possible for large groups. Talk to us at