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Spike powers all your internal & external team comms, combining email, chat, channels & video calls. Get all the tools your team needs in one powerful app on mobile, desktop and web.
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Spike vs. Slack

Compare Feature Spike Slack
Easily communicate externally
Integrated Notes
Integrated Video Meetings
Priority Inbox
Read indicators
Group Chats
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With Spike you get so much MORE.

  • Your same email, as chat
  • Unified inbox
  • Easy to use
  • 1-click unsubscribe
  • Shared notes/docs
  • Video & audio meetings
  • Integrated calendar
  • Voice messages
  • Real time awareness

Spike Features

  • Conversational Email

    Increase responsiveness, and clarity by turning email into chat, and making email communication as simple as messaging.

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  • Groups & Channels

    Create Groups for teams or any project— plan, discuss and execute together in real-time. Easily access all shared files from the Group’s profile.

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  • Notes & Docs

    Easily manage projects, tasks and to-do’s. Your Notes sync across all devices so you can access them from anywhere at any time.

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Why users prefer Spike over Slack


Slack is a chat app that helps teams streamline communication. The issue is that Slack is built for internal teams, and makes it difficult to connect with anyone externally; like new clients and businesses. Plus it over-congests communication channels and is yet another added application on top of many others. This adds to the bouncing back and forth between communication apps and can cause stress and disorganization.

Spike takes your existing email account and transforms it into chat. You see your emails as chat, while everyone else still receives your email in standard email form. You can sort by contact rather than subject so that you can see the full thread history for every contact you’ve ever emailed! Instead of adding on yet another chat application, it is integrated directed into your email. You can create group chats, and collaborate on Notes as well as unify your calendar across multiple email accounts.

File Search

Slack’s free account limits you to the history of the 10,000 most recent messages. If you have the Pro account or higher you have access to full conversation history and can search for any specific word, or phrase within the conversations. This helps you quickly locate what you’re searching for whether it be something for a team project or a doc that you were on the hunt for.

Spike, unlike Slack, has a Super Search that helps you locate any keyword, phrase, Note, document or file that was ever sent or received in your inbox. You can easily see all files in every thread in a glance–even in group chats! Making it super simple to find anything and everything you’re searching for.


Slack pricing ranges from a free account to a customizable enterprise account depending on what your needs are:

  • The free account ($0): Gives you access to 10,000 of your team’s most recent messages, 10 integrations with other apps and 1:1 voice and video calls between teammates.
  • The Pro account($6.67): Full history of your team’s messages, voice and video messages with up to 15 team members, Secure collaboration with outside organizations or guests from within Slack and unlimited integrations.
  • The Business + account ($12.50): Everything in the Pro account + 24/7 support, advanced identity management and real-time active directory sync.

Spike pricing is similar to Slack in that it has options that range for free to business plans depending on what each user needs:

  • The free plan ($0): Email as chat with unlimited collaborative Notes and Tasks. 2 email addresses to unify your inbox. 1:1 video calls, 1 GB storage and unlimited Groups!
  • The Pro plan ($5): Everything in the free plan +add up to 3 email addresses, 5 people per video call, 5 GB storage, 100 MB file upload, and priority support.
  • The Business plan ($10): Unlimited amount of email addresses, 10 participants per video call, 20 GB storage, 1GB file uploading, and more!

Why choose Spike over Slack

Slack is great for staying in touch with your team, but it still has many missing features and components when it comes to streamlining communication. Not having all communication channels inline can over complicate and misconstrue messaging. We use email everyday, so why add on another app for communication when we can streamline it into one place.

Spike is powerful chat app, but with so much more. Plus it is integrated into your email so that you don’t need to waste time using multiple apps and the miscommunication along the way.

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