Who thought email could do it all?
We did.

Transform your email into your entire workspace.

Communicate better. Faster. Together.

Whether your team spans from LA to Tokyo or is right next door, teams that use Spike get work done faster. Get real work done in real time, with real results.

Conversational email

An easy to use blend of email and messaging that takes your workflow to new heights. Endless threads are simplified, messages appear in chat-like form, and distracting headers and signatures are a thing of the past. Just a real time online conversation with a human feel.

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Got a multi-faceted project with multiple collaborators? Want to summarize a team meeting for remote team members or just jot down some ideas? Create a Note, share it with anyone or keep it private. Real time updates on its progress appear within your Inbox to keep your workflow uninterrupted.

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Collaborative tasks

Maximize productivity and get a clear view of your To-Do list right from your Inbox. No separate tabs, windows or apps, just everything you need to manage your workflow in one place.

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Group chat

Chat without ever leaving your Inbox. Chat with your team or clients, or collaborate on a project. Groups is the perfect way to plan, manage and execute together in real time. Every file, comment, and thought is organized and saved in one place for easy reference.

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Built in calendar

The perfect calendar for your busy life. Spike merges all your calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar), letting you view your upcoming events right from your Inbox. Never open another calendar app again.

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Find the exact message, file, or attachment you’re looking for, every time. Spike’s ultra-fast Super Search saves you time from digging through your Inbox. It instantly searches through all emails, files, Notes, attachments, and tasks to find exactly what you’re looking for, even if you don't know where it is.

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RSVP inline

Respond to invites in seconds thanks to Spike’s In-line RSVPs. View the event in your feed and send your response without even opening the invite. Everything gets added to your calendar automatically.

Voice calls

Spike users can touch base with each other anywhere they go with integrated Video and Audio Meetings. No need for external links to meeting rooms or multiple conferencing apps. Keeping in touch is fast and simple with Spike.

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Cloud integration

Send large files with no fuss thanks to Spike’s seamless Cloud Integration. No more wasted time compressing files. Attach directly from your GDrive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Supercharge your Inbox

Your email has never been more powerful, and your workflow never so simple.

Read receipt email

The art of human conversation. The closest thing to a face-to-face meeting, Spike users can view online activity, experience real time awareness, and see read indicator (even if the recipient isn’t a Spike user). No matter where you and your team members are, collaboration has never been easier.

Priority inbox

Your Inbox now sparks joy. Priority Inbox sorts your important messages to the top of your Inbox. Low priority emails like newsletters and other non-essentials are sent to the 'Other' Inbox for you to deal with later, giving your workflow freedom through structure.

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Bulk action

Clean Inbox clutter faster than you can blink. Archive, trash, or mark as read/unread thousands of messages in a single swipe. We obsessed over saving you time and effort, loading more power into your fingertips so you can squeeze minutes into milliseconds.

Unified inbox

Bring all your accounts together. Easily toggle between your accounts instead of switching between multiple tabs or apps. Spike supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Office/Outlook 365, IONOS mail, GoDaddy email, Exchange, AOL, and IMAP mail accounts.

Read receipt

Remove doubt if your message was received and seen. See what time your message was read, taking the guesswork out of figuring out when to follow-up.

Quick Reply

Some messages don’t require a lengthy response. Save time and reply to any message in milliseconds by using a pre-set response or customize your own - the choice is yours. Conversations at the speed of life.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Spike your productivity by slashing the time it takes to perform actions. Work faster and more efficiently with desktop keyboard shortcuts and save time when doing anything from creating a message to searching your Inbox. Get from start to finish quicker and use that extra freedom for more important things.

Stealth encryption

Your data is under lock and key thanks to Spike’s AES256 encryption. Spend less time worrying about secure communication and more time worrying about your work, or what to eat.

Dark and light theme

Are you part of the dark or light side? No matter which theme your eyes prefer, Spike has both modes to make viewing easy.

Customize notifications

Customize notifications by assigning unique sounds for specific contacts. Choose to get notified only for ‘Priority Messages’ so your flow doesn’t get interrupted by things that aren’t important.

Custom swipe

Swipe YOUR way. Tidy up that Inbox by customizing your swipes. Want to Snooze, delete or archive that email? No problem. Swipe left (or right!) and send that message to where it belongs.


Everyone has their system. Organize your Inbox the way that works for you with customizable tags, pins, and starring.

Send later

Whether you work with teams across time zones, or just want to schedule those holiday or birthday greetings, Schedule Send makes it possible for you to set it and forget it. Write out that email, pick a date and time, and voila! Remembering to send that email is free from your mind.

Customize notifications

Some things are better left for later. Manage your time and tasks more efficiently in seconds. Schedule a reminder to respond to that message or task for a set date and time. Your workflow on your terms.

Undo send

Made a mistake in the email you just sent? No worries, we’ve all been there. Click Undo Send within 10 seconds and it will be like that email never happened.

File preview

Don’t waste time searching for and downloading multiple versions of a file to find the right one. File Preview lets you view that attachment in a detailed thumbnail so you always know you have the correct version in seconds.

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Multimedia messaging

When you want to add a little personality to your emails, send emojis, GIFs, and photos with Spike’s arsenal of expression. Will a simple drawing explain your idea better than words? The magic is at your fingertips! Draw a doodle right in your message.

Instant unsubscribe

Pesky promotional emails getting out of hand? Unsubscribe from email lists right from your Inbox, never breaking your workflow. The days of being redirected to another tab to opt-out are over.

Built in translate

The ultimate tool for global teams- communicate and collaborate in 10 languages. No matter your native tongue, staying in touch is easy with Spike’s built-in Translate.

Text to speech

Sometimes the best things are left said. Spike’s Text to Speech reads your messages out loud so your eyeballs can do other things.

Voice mesage

On-the-go and don’t have time or free hands to type? Need to send a message that written words just won’t convey? Record and send a Voice Message right from your Inbox on your mobile device to get the point across with the right tone, every time.

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Live collaboration

All the tools you need to collaborate and get the job done quicker in one sleek workspace. Better teamwork happens with Spike.

Real time collaboration

Take the guesswork out of your day thanks to Spike’s real time collaborative workspace loaded with intuitive tools and features like comments, mentions, and chat. Know where everything stands at a glance, keeping your workflow going.

cross platform sync

Spike’s everywhere you are. Staying tethered to a desktop for updates is so old school. Enjoy freedom and flexibility by accessing all your messages, appointments, Tasks and files from wherever you are on any and all of your devices.


Feeling overloaded? Set Reminders for emails, items on your To-Do list and more so you can deal with them when you have the time and space to do so.

Drag and drop

Get your thoughts organized and where they need to be by dragging and dropping your files, images, and other materials right into a DIY Note.

Note history

View changes and see edits to your online Note with timestamps by clicking the history icon at the top of your Note to take a look back in time.


Free up space in your mind and on your computer. Store images and files in one safe place that you can access anytime, anywhere. It’s the online repository you’ve been searching for and can now get, for the first time, in your Inbox.


At Spike, everyone is included. This is what sets us apart from, well, almost any other work app you may have used. Even if your contact doesn’t use Spike, they can actually instantly join the collaboration. This is what TRUE teamwork is all about.


We've made printing as easy as can be. Print directly from a message or easily download it as a PDF. It takes one second to print, but decades for a tree to grow, so only print what you need.

Security privacy

Keeping your data safe is our #1 priority. That’s why we do everything to protect your data with the highest level of security so your workflow is worry-free.

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