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Can conversational email really shift
your work into a higher gear?

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Spike gives you more productivity in a single platform (so you can focus on work, rather than 13 different productivity apps)

Thread’s dead, baby.
Thread’s dead

If instant messaging can do it, why not email?

Think about it. Email hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. Email conversation still drags along with it every single reply, forward, header, signature, content and quoted text. Endless threads that don’t really do much for your productivity.

Spike is different. It keeps things simple. No message threads. No headers. No signatures. No noise. You say what you have to say. The other person replies. It’s called a conversation.

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More Human
Priority Inbox

Keep distractions from invading
your “zone”

Spike prioritizes your inbox by conversations and according to the people you’re most in contact with (not using some mysterious algorithm that randomly decides what’s important and what’s not).

Everything else such as newsletters and less important stuff gets sorted in a separate inbox, so you can read it later when you have more time.

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One Inbox -
All Accounts

Bring all your people and emails together

No one needs a split personality. OR another email account.
Spike instantly combines all of your work and personal email accounts into one convenient, unified inbox.
So you can keep it together. Literally.

Groups Built In

Seamless team collaboration. Open to everyone.

Did we say conversational email or what? Groups feature is built in (just like your favorite messaging app) so you can collaborate both internally and externally with any colleague, client, or even your mom. Start a group for any topic and invite whoever you want. No need for separate apps, platforms or logins.

Wait, is this still email?!
Oh yes, and it's the upgrade email needed after being stuck for 5 decades.

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Search anything, find everything

Looking for a file or a discussion you had with a client months ago? Find whatever you're looking for at lightning speed, even if you don't remember exactly what or where it is. Visually browse all attachments ever sent or shared by someone, without having to open emails one by one.

Our Search is the fastest way to find anything - guaranteed. If only you had a “search” option for all that time you’ve lost over the years…

One Unified Calendar

All-seeing, all-knowing calendar

Calendars are in it too - all of them! Now you can view and manage your time on one single screen. Spike converges all your calendars (Google Calendar, Facebook, Apple Calendar) right into your email so you can give the switching back and forth a rest. (Go ahead, cross out one more headache from your list…)

An Arsenal of Expression

Express yourself with more than words

Don’t feel like typing? Use GIFs, videos, emojis, scribbles, Cloud files, share a location, even translate from a different language. Whatever you need to bring the fun to the conversation.

Email Snooze

You Snooze, You (don’t Lose)

Snooze your emails, pin, archive or mute

Don’t have time for every single email? Can’t finish a task this minute? Snooze it, archive it or pin it for later.
Just swipe any email and pick a day or time when it’s more convenient like “Next week” or “Tomorrow at 14:30”. The email will pop up again when it’s the right time.

Attach from the Cloud

The fastest way to share anything — guaranteed

Share links and files at lightning speed from anywhere - Cloud, Drive or Dropbox— all from Spike while you compose your message.

email encryption

Super Stealth Encryption

Business and privacy go hand in hand

Spike EEM (encrypted email messaging) lets you share information freely without worrying about cyber criminals, hackers, or other bad guys who might be lurking. In a tap, AES256 encryption keeps your email safe so you can focus on other things.

customize notifications

Customized Notifications

Hear who it’s from, before you read what’s it about

Customize your notifications and make emails music to your ears. Give each contact their own unique sound, choose to only get notified for priority messages or mute specific threads – whatever makes work more fun.

voice and video calls

Voice and Video Calls

If you wanna talk, talk

When you’re not in the mood to write, you can always have a voice or video call (assuming you’re having a good hair day). Choose a contact, start a chat. It’s all built in. No need to use external platforms.

voice notes

Voice Notes

Never forget anything

Don’t get lost in your thoughts – record them. Save time writing long detailed messages and simply send your thoughts, notes or comments via voice message to anyone - instantly.

file management

File Preview

To open or not to open, well, you decide

Quickly preview files without opening them right from within your inbox – contact, audio, video, documents, images and gifs – they are all completely visible without having to waste time (or space) downloading what you don’t need.

email triage

Email Triage

Overwhelmed by Email? We have your solution

Send a rapid response or customize your own. Swipe like a boss and archive, trash, or mark as read/unread thousands of messages in a single swipe. We obsessed over saving you time and effort, loading more power into your fingertips so you can squeeze minutes into milliseconds. Who knew email could be so... efficient?

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Say goodbye to your mouse

Maximize your productivity by slashing the time it takes you to perform an action. Work faster and more efficiently with shortcuts. Just another way to get the shortest path to done.

Undo Send

If only you could undo mistakes in real life

We’re humans, we make mistakes. Whether you misspelled a name or forgot to add an attachment, you can still save yourself the embarrassment with Spike’s Undo Send.
Click Undo Send within 10 seconds and it will be like that email never happened.

Send Later

Write it now and be worry-free later!

Work with people in different time zones and want to send emails at sociable hours? Maybe pre-plan those holiday and birthday wishes?
Set them and forget them with Send Later.


Don't leave ‘em hangin!

Accepting or Declining calendar invites with Spike is so fast, it will take you longer to decide if you even want to attend (but that's why we also have a ‘Maybe’ option).
RSVP directly from the message, Conversations feed or Calendar tab.