Put Magic AI ✨ to work for you

Write messages, emails, and complete tasks - faster. Save valuable time and enhance your efficiency by 10X.

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Writes just like you - and even better

Magic AI was designed to speed up your workflows. Let the writer in you shine with the the power of AI.

Write at super-speed

Generate clear and compelling email messages in seconds. Say bye to writer’s block for good and hello to your favorite ai email writer.

Send replies that WOW

Finally, a faster way to respond to your overflowing inbox. An AI generator that creates flawless email replies with AI prompts that are always in the right context. Win back your time to work on important tasks with Magic AI email generator.

Summarize in 1-click

Instantly summarize long email threads, messages, notes and files. Capture key points from your daily communication without wasting time!

Get things done, instantly

Streamline research, problem-solving, content creation, ideation, summarization and more. Spike's Magic Generate tool helps you free up time to focus on more strategic and creative work.

Make AI bot your trusty sidekick

Spike's AI bot is your all-purpose generative AI assistant that instantly answers questions, generates articles, copy, code, tables, and pretty much anything else you ask it to do. Just message ai@spike.chat and put it to work for you.

You have questions, we have answers

  • Magic AI is your efficiency booster, streamlining various tasks to save you time and enhance productivity. It excels at creating polished emails, messages, and more through Magic Message, ensuring impeccable content creation every time.

    Magic AI – generates seamless responses tailored to the context, allowing you to regain valuable time for crucial tasks.

    Magic Summarize – In an instant, Magic AI condenses lengthy emails, messages, and files, capturing essential points from your daily communication.

    Magic AI Bot – Your go-to AI assistant, ready to tackle questions, articles, copies, code, and practically anything else you require. Simply message ai@spike.chat, and let the magic unfold! 🌟🤖

  • Magic AI was optimized for use in English, but you are welcome to instruct Magic Message to write in a different language. Magic Summary will summarize messages in content into English.

  • Magic AI supercharges your work process by lending a hand with content creation. Whether you’re shooting off a formal email, firing a friendly message, or cooking up some blog content, Magic AI has your back. It helps you sort out your ideas and provides reader-friendly content that hits the mark.