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Strengthen relationships, crush goals, and work better together to close more deals. With intuitive collaboration features, Spike propels teams toward unprecedented success.

Loved by over 1.3 million professionals & teams worldwide

Improve teamwork with Spike and win the hearts of your sales team

Bring colleagues into the conversation

Use channels to share announcements and celebrate wins across different teams and offices. Give props to the people who helped make it happen!

Communicate faster, save valuable time

Effortlessly communicate with your team through voice messages in chat or collaborative docs. Free up your team's time to hit their targets.

Collaborate quicker, take smarter action

Keep your sales pipeline flowing seamlessly, whether you're working in the same office or across different time zones, with collaborative docs.

Winning teams are made with Spike

Sonu Shetty

Team Leader

The app is extremely useful and productive, and it's user support is amazing! Hope it will keep improving with exclusive features that make it different from Gmail.

Carol Jacobson

My company started using Spike a year ago & the team feels like it’s vastly improved our productivity. It’s amazing to not have to switch back & forth between a million apps!

Max Shcherbakov

Co-Founder & CEO

“Spike improved workflow between our teams and clients since they had a collaborative workspace. The entire project history & needed files in one place.”

Jeromy Bailey


I had something like 90K unread emails before switching to @SpikeNowHQ. I’m down to just 2K emails. Inbox 0, here I come!

Perry S.

Stay organized & productive with Spike 24/7/12/365
Spike centralized teams in my organization in one place where we manage tasks through trackable chats.

improvement in workplace productivity

Businesses that adopt a unified communications experience see a 52% increase in productivity and 25% increase in operating profit.

Adir Berman

Marketing Project Manager

Spike is an amazing team comms platform. Imagine Slack but inside your email, & with everyone you need - team members, clients and vendors too! Our team loves Spike!

Darren Olstad


“I have the whole firm using Spike for its chat interface and super fast features, and I even got some of my clients on it. They love how easy it is to communicate.”

SEGA L'éveilleur


2022 was great for the team. Engagement was fluid because of @SpikeNowHQ & the sense of community got reinforced. We accomplished more & work became play. Boost your productivity in 2023 & try Spike!

Lauren Rheeder


Love this app... Keeps me connected with clients, contractors and colleagues. Never missing an email. Keep up the great work.

switching between apps daily

Study found workers toggled between apps 1,200 times a day, adding up to just under four hours a week reorienting themselves — roughly 9% of their time at work.

Ready to supercharge your sales?

Unleash the power of Spike's chat-like communication to keep your team organized and focused on closing more leads.

Conduct virtual meetings

Invite your clients to Spike and jump on a video call to chat about their campaigns, progress, or anything else on their mind!

Reduce email clutter

Drowning in emails? Spike prioritizes your important messages, so you can focus on vital tasks, like managing your clients.

Public & private collaboration

Never miss an important update! Spike’s public channels and private groups keep you in the loop without email overload.