Turn your email into a chat-like experience

Enjoy the simplicity of chat in your inbox with Conversational Email.

Chat just like you do in a messaging app

Conversational Email places genuine conversations at the core of your communication. No more clunky and confusing threads, messy inboxes, or repetitive email signatures. Ditch traditional email clients and discover a new approach to email that puts people first.

Your Inbox, organized by People

All your communications, past and present, including emails, threads, files, social profiles, and attachments, are conveniently organized under each contact. Easily identify people with profile pictures, know when they're online, and track message delivery and read receipts.

It's email, but simple like chat

People Mode lets you communicate quickly and seamlessly with everyone—just like instant messaging. Whether you’re talking to clients, customers, or colleagues. Prefer traditional email mode? Easily switch back. How about formatting options? We got those too—just expand the message composer to get the full options.

Work together, any way you choose


Channels are perfect for discussing any topic, brainstorming new ideas and making important decisions. Plus they always include the chat’s history.


Groups are ideal for private discussions with people inside and outside of your company. Unlike channels, history isn't visible to new members.

Conversational email

Conversational email turns your email threads into easy to read chat-like conversations. No messy email threads, confusion, or time wasted.

You have questions, we have answers

  • Conversational email is a simplified and modern way to use email that aligns with the way we communicate today. It transforms traditional email threads into chat messages and groups email conversations together by the sender, rather than subject line.

    It feels just like a messenger app, so you can be more responsive and easily stay on top of conversations, without messy signatures or on-going threads.

  • No need to create a new email address, Spike works with your existing email and is available on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and web browser. Just login with your existing email address and let Spike upgrade your email experience.

    Plus Spike lets you unify your inbox–see all your emails in one organized space.

  • Yes! Spike lets you create, edit and view any email in traditional email format. Tap/ click on any message received or sent to expand it and see traditional formatting.

    When writing a message, hit the <> Icon at the bottom right of your composer to open the full composer and access additional formatting options.

  • Conversational email sorts your inbox by “People” and takes out the messy signatures and repeating threads. It helps you be more responsive, organized and follow conversations more easily. Traditional email is sorted by subject line, and often is hard to follow and track conversation history. In conversational email you see everything you need in one conversation rather than spread out among multiple ones.