Super Search

Search anything, find everything, without opening a single email or chat thread

Find exactly what you’re looking for in less time.

You spend enough time trying to remember where you’ve put things—and it eats away at your productivity. Super Search puts you back in control. Stop wasting time looking through your emails and chats for files. Stop scrolling through endless threads. Find exactly what you're looking for right away, with Spike’s advanced super search. See a preview of your file instead of opening tons of attachments.

All the attachments you’ve ever sent, received or shared, can be searched by keyword, subject or by a specific person. Layer on filters by person, tag, keyword, or file. Perfect for finding the first draft of a presentation you sent some time last year.

Search by Person

Conversational Email puts people at the front and center of your communications. Our super search is no different. Filter by any keyword, tag, or contact even by files! Any related conversations will be instantly displayed. Easy to read and even easier to navigate.

Looking for a specific report Drew sent you? Simply write “Drew” - and filter by files. All files sent or received by Drew will be displayed with a preview, so you don’t have to open every single email ever sent between the two of you.

Search in Conversation

Finding a specific message in a long thread can be time consuming and frustrating. Spike’s powerful in-conversation search solves your search nightmares.

Search in a specific conversation, Channel, Group, Doc or Note. Spike's powerful search tool will search for keywords in the message, contacts, even attachments to show you all relevant results. You only need one word. Spike takes care of the rest.

You have questions, we have answers

  • To use Super Search, just find the ‘🔍’ icon at the top of your messages bar and start typing anything that you’re looking for. For example, if you created a Note called “August Social Media” you can search that term everything with the relevant terms will quickly show up highlighted in yellow– whether its a note, file, or spoken in a conversation thread.

  • Super Search saves you the time you usually spend sifting through emails in order to find what you are looking for. A lot of us forget where we might have said something, or saved a file etc. So Super Search helps you locate anything you might be searching for instantaneously.