Super Search

Search anything, find everything, without opening a single email or chat thread

Find everything, in seconds

Boost productivity with Super Search! Find files instantly using Spike's advanced email search. Easily locate attachments by keyword, subject, or sender. Apply filters for precise results—by person, tag, keyword, or file type. See file previews without opening multiple attachments. Find exactly what you're looking for right away, with Spike’s advanced super search in email.

Search by Person

With search filters for keywords, tags, and contacts, Super Search enhances your email experience, helping you easily locate conversations with instant results.

Let Spike handle the email filtering – search results are displayed with a preview, saving you from opening every email in your history.

Search in Conversation

Finding a specific message in a long thread can be time consuming and frustrating. Spike's search functionality simplifies finding messages in long threads. Search by keyword in a conversation, Channel, Group, Doc, or Note.

Our robust search tools scan messages, contacts, and attachments, presenting all relevant results. Just input a word, and Spike does the rest.

You have questions, we have answers

  • To use Super Search, just find the ‘🔍’ icon at the top of your messages bar and start typing anything that you’re looking for. For example, if you created a Note called “August Social Media” you can search that term everything with the relevant terms will quickly show up highlighted in yellow– whether its a note, file, or spoken in a conversation thread.

  • Super Search saves you the time you usually spend sifting through emails in order to find what you are looking for. A lot of us forget where we might have said something, or saved a file etc. So Super Search helps you locate anything you might be searching for instantaneously.