Use Cases

You're in good company

"With Spike, I can rest assured that my information is safe!"

Carlo Monsanto, Co-Director of the Mindful Connection Institute
Co-Director Carlo and his app development team stay on top of their business with Spike's real-time awareness and security features.

"Spike allows me the tools to scale the future of entrepreneurship to the next level."

Tyree “Paladon” Byndom, Founder and Chief Evolutionary Officer of Urban U, L3C dba Urban UniverCity
Spike helps Soulpreneur Tyree keep his workflow organized, making collaboration and communication easy on his mission to increasing the visibility of BIPOC leaders in business.

“In case I need to be on-site, the mobile app is as fast and versatile as it is on my desktop.”

Tom Pischel - Founder of Dwellcome
Fledgling start-up founder and entrepreneur, Tom Pischel, uses Spike to manage his workflow and boost his productivity as he launches an app that is set to help people feel at home no matter where they move.

"All collaboration happens on Spike - from brainstorm sessions to final approval."

Inna Shtuckmeyster, Graphic Designer
As a freelance graphic designer, Inna uses Spike to keep her productivity on track and her ideas flowing.

“With Spike, I can see everything in one place. I feel so much more in control of my scheduling now.”

Eva Frye, Freelance Content Strategist
Eva stays organized by using Spike’s unified platform to manage different freelance inboxes and calendars.

"Spike’s chat interface helps me respond quickly, since I don’t have to dig through conversations."

Mosey Levy, Owner of Backstage AV
Mosey, a technologist, uses Spike to manage experiential audiovisual design projects.

“Spike’s clean layout and smooth UI makes getting through my inbox a breeze.”

Yan Sim, Supply Chain, Warby Parker
Managing operations takes a whole lot of coordination, but Yan uses Spike to keep things organized.

“I need email access from anywhere, anytime. Spike helps me respond faster than any other app.”

Bertrand Mehler, Software & Logistics
Spike helps Bertrand manage high-volume tourist transfers in the French Alps

“We’re actually addicted to conversational email now.”

Max Shcherbakov, Co-Founder & CEO of Hooligans
Max and Hooligans use Spike’s Groups and clean, Conversational Email to improve workflow and have a better inbox experience.

“Spike allows me to be ultra responsive and helps keep information transparent.”

Guy Gamzu, Angel Investor
Helping entrepreneurs build businesses worldwide, Guy uses Spike as a business chat and Slack alternative to keep everyone informed.

“It’s a great blend of email and messaging that's effortless and saves a lot of time. It's genius!”

Jozsef Juhasz, Freelance Web Designer & Developer
Jozsef uses Spike's intuitive unified workspace as a business chat and document organizer to seamlessly handle his client load.

“Spike does a fantastic job of making email easy and organizing and mass deleting junk.”

Chris Powers, Marketing & Technology Coordinator
Chris trusts Spike to keep him organized and clutter-free when handling the technological and marketing needs of his school.

"Spike gets me WhatsApp features via email — with zen-like simplicity.”

Darren Olstad, Founder, Crowne Law
Darren and the lawyers at Crowne Law use Spike’s messaging features to advise clients on tax and asset protection matters around the world with minimal friction.