Freelance Graphic Designer Inna is constantly connected to her work, juggling multiple clients and projects simultaneously to make her artistic passions reality. From initial contact with a client, all the way through brainstorming sessions and the finalization of a project, it is crucial that communication lines stay open, and files stay organized and easy to find at a moments notice.

Preview attachment file managment

File Management

Spike helps to make Inna’s creative prowess shine. When bouncing ideas back and forth with a client, Spike’s file management tool allows Inna to preview all attachments and their versions as detailed thumbnails in one place so she never has to dig through multiple files to make sure she is looking at the correct one.

“Before Spike, finding a specific attachment was really like finding a needle in a haystack - impossible, frustrating and a huge waste of time. Now, [with Spike] all the files are organized and I can preview them right there in the email thread - it’s is absolutely amazing!”

One of Innas favorite projects to delve into is website design and creating sites that are accessible and friendly, so Inna loves the fact that Priority Inbox makes it a cinch to get rid of the distracting clutter, giving her imagination the freedom to roam. Inna can easily tailor her inbox so project related communications literally stay at the top of her email feed, while non-essential litter like newsletters and promotions get kicked to the land of “Other”. When she needs to find entire conversations with the same client or just a specific dialogue, Inna simply toggles between People Mode and Subject Mode to find exactly what she needs in seconds.


Spike’s Priority Inbox also saves Inna time – and her clients money – by streamlining and improving collaboration. Since she communicates with her clients so much, the chat-like view of Spike’s conversational email cuts repetitive dialogue when brainstorming. Header separations between different emails are gone, meaning no more repeating threads. And in People Mode, all emails from any given contact are bundled together in one place, helping her keep track of client requests and where a project stands at any given moment.

Priority inbox

Priority Inbox

Spike’s Priority Inbox also saves Inna time - and her clients money - by streamlining and improving collaboration.

Designing websites and apps that will be used on a daily basis by many people brings zest to Inna’s work life. Spike’s super-powered tools make Inna’s day-to-day easier so her clients have as great of an experience with her designs as she does with Spike. With all the time Spike saves her, Inna has more time to broaden her artistic horizons and perfect another one of her creative passions – baking amazing vanilla cupcakes – enriching her life both in front of and away from the computer.


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