File Management

Why download email or message attachments if you can preview?

Save time, be more productive & creative.

Enjoy seamless document management and advanced file preview directly within your emails and messages. Spike simplified file search and made document sharing a breeze. View all your files, including large attachments, without needing to open individual messages. Contact details, audio files, videos, documents, cloud files, images, and GIFs—all displayed to you, eliminating the necessity to download unwanted items.

Preview attachments

Spike’s message preview streamlines file organization. Easily manage attachments within the feed, avoiding the need to download each one. Need a specific Q1 report from Karen but you can’t find it? Easy. Spike’s file organization lets you see all the files Karen sent in one place through a preview, without downloading anything!

File away with me

Whether a single message or 10 files across 100 email threads, with data organization and file backup, Spike’s message preview shows you everything, without needing to download anything. No more scrolling through endless threads to find the right version or confusion as to the right document. File sharing and receiving at it’s best.

Stop wasting time searching for a file transfer and discover how our message preview can help you find what you need, whenever you need it.

You have questions, we have answers

  • File Management helps you keep track of all the images, docs, and files that get sent to your email. If you misplaced an important document you can quickly go to your library of documents and find it.

  • See all files by clicking the ‘🔍’ icon and selecting ‘Files’ at the top of your menu bar. This will show you every file you’ve ever sent or received. If you want to break it down even further, you can go into each specific chat to see the files that were sent there.

  • This depends on which Spike plan you have. If you have Spikes ‘free’ plan you have access to only 60 days of conversation history, while if you have Spikes ‘Pro’ or ‘Business’ plans you will have access to an unlimited conversation history.