Hey email, we need to talk...

We’re upgrading the way you work, saving you and your team
time, sanity, and a lot of headaches.

At Spike, our goal is simple: to bring all of your communication -- your emails, chats, calls, team collaborations, tasks, voice notes, everything -- to one place. It’s what your team has been looking for in a productivity and messaging app, but easier, and all from your inbox.

Email is still far greater than all social networks and messaging apps - combined! And it is still what's most commonly used to discuss business, share information, and manage busy schedules.
And email is just where we’re starting...

Welcome to the shortest path to done.

Less Bull#@%t
Get more sh#t done

It’s time to fix how we work

As entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers, small business owners, corporate CEOs, and employees, we have millions of wasted productivity hours between us. We created Spike knowing that we need: to waste less time jumping between tons of productivity apps and to stop wasting so much time searching for, downloading, attaching and sending files.

We created something that we needed, so we could keep doing what we love and love the way we do it.

We can’t control the workload, but we can make it easier, more effective, and efficient, and even gain some time back to spend on the other things we love.

Our Mission

Improve the world of productivity one email at a time

Leave human communication better than we found it

Keep formality from obstructing productivity

Create the shortest path to done

Our Team

Dvir Ben-Aroya

Co-Founder, CEO

Erez Pilosof

Co-Founder, CPO, CTO

Guy Gamzu


Andreas Gauger


Aryeh Mergi