The work (r)Evolution

Work has changed, but our tools haven’t evolved with it. To try and solve our issues with work, we keep adding more tools and channels.
We end up with tons of wasted productivity hours just managing the tools we try to manage our work and time with. It's time to face the facts: too many productivity apps make you less productive.

Spike app

Yet somehow, we haven’t been able to work without email.
So for the first time in email’s history, we found a way to recreate it. We’ve tailored it for people who like to get things done fast, who want to not waste time searching for files and messages, and
who actually don’t mind work being a little more enjoyable. It’s time to rethink how our technology intersects with the way we communicate and actually live (and want to live) our lives.

With great email comes great responsibility. And we take that responsibility very seriously. We feel it is our duty to lead the era of modern communication.

So join us, and welcome to the (r)Evolution

Dvir Ben Aroya
Co-Founder & CEO

Erez Pilosof
Co-Founder & CTO


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Here’s what our users are saying...

Derek Hoieman
Derek HoiemanVerified User
I love Spike!!! Game changer!
Star Star Star Star Star
I’m sold! Finally an email app does what I need it to do. Spike is one of those sleeper apps that fixed problems I didn’t even know I was dealing with until they were no longer there.
Vic Tarom
Star Star Star Star Star
Best Email client ever! With Spike the technology's revolution has started!
Star Star Star Star Star
Finally... I tried almost every single email client app in the Appstore and Spike doesn't have a rival. I've been waiting for an app like this...
Spike is by far the best app for email!!
Rajiv Pant
Rajiv Pant
Every day I use it, I’m impressed by how Spike makes email so much better, faster, and easier to use. I find spike to be a greater innovation and step forward in #email than even Gmail and Google Inbox were when they launched years ago. @SpikeNowHQ
Star Star Star Star Star
Makes email enjoyable Spike is the Thanos snap of email discomfort.
I’m so grateful for the team that developed this. I added Spike to all my devices and got rid of everything else. This is the only way to message in 2020.
Star Star Star Star Star
Revolutionary This app is literally taking emails to the 21st century! It’s loaded with features and it helps me keep up with the 1000’s of emails I get every day!
Andy Surface spike review
Andy Surface
This is brilliant! Email setup as messaging. You should check it out: #emailsimplified Thank you @SpikeNowHQ for taking the best of messaging and the best of email and putting it together!
Star Star Star Star Star
This app rules Never before have I had such an easy time keeping up with my emails. For those of us who struggle to get to inbox zero, Spike is your new best friend.
Daniel Dallala
Daniel DallalaVerified User
Finally found my Inbox alternative: Spike! The people mode seems so obvious in retrospect but works so well, turning email threads into common conversational UI. Much better!
Star Star Star Star Star
Very Innovative Simple Easy to use UI. Finally a Great Email App for Multiple Email addresses. That really works well. Thanks Developers.
idwyte Spike review
DVerified User
@SpikeNowHQ is hands down one of the best email clients that exists
Star Star Star Star Star
Simplest Email This email client has fixed email. I no longer feel burdened checking it and am able to see and respond to important emails quickly and easily. Never going back!
Future Video Media Spike review
Future Video MediaVerified User
We're obsessed with this email client! @SpikeNowHQ ????
Quinn Bellmore
Star Star Star Star Star
This is the best email client you will find on Google Play. The App Store, or anywhere. It makes email so much more fun. My productivity has gone up ever since I have gotten Spike. I throughly recommend it.... A must have app.

“No email has ever done all that for me before”

You’re welcome :)

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