One calendar for your entire life—
see your work & personal life in one place

Spike lets you sync all your calendars together, so you can plan, organize and manage your entire schedule in a single space.

Spike app

Smarter Scheduling

Never miss a beat. Spike's calendar lets you merge all your calendars together—from every email provider. Manage all your schedules in one calendar. From work meetings to personal events, you can view it all in one organized calendar. No more double booking or schedule confusion from having various calendars and apps.

Accessible on any device, from anywhere.

Smart scheduling

Better Time Management

Having to deal with scheduling can get extremely time consuming. Save time and easily plan, manage and view all your schedules in a single feed. RSVP to meetings and events in one-click, without ever leaving your feed. No more wasted time bouncing back and forth between your inbox and your calendar.

"We know balancing work and life can get complicated. Thats why we created the ability to merge calendars together and help users manage both their work and their personal schedules at a glance. So teams can save time, smartly schedule meetings and stay more organized."

Dvir Ben Aroya
Spike Co-Founder & CEO


Spike Calendar lets sync all your calendars into one organized calendar. Never miss an important meeting or event. Manage your schedule more efficiently.

Spike Calendar is automatically synchronized on all your devices, see your whole schedule where you are–desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Including a calendar helps you stay on track with work events, meetings and helps boost time management. Plan, and schedule everything you need to help you balance your workload.

You can invite as many people as you like to share an event with. Create a work happy hour, or a brainstorming session. Add the relevant people, links and all the detailed information in every Calendar invite.