One Calendar for Your Entire Life

Sync multiple calendars for all your video conferences, coffee meetings, and more

You have a life. You have a business. You have things to do. Bottom line - you need your technology to work for you. Having multiple calendar apps forces you to bounce from your email, to a calendar app and back to schedule a simple meeting, complicating what should be a quick and simple process. You need a better way to manage everything from video conferences to doctors appointments, helping you keep track of your busy life. You need Spike —the email, calendar, and productivity powerhouse that helps you get through your day with zero fuss.

Say goodbye to the days of using multiple apps to sync all your calendars together to get a high-level overview of your upcoming schedule. Spike does the legwork for you by merging the multiple calendars you manage into one single calendar, giving you a simple and unified view of your schedule. Spike takes the guesswork out of organization. So you can waste less time trying to keep track of all your appointments.
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Sync Multiple Calendars

Let’s face it. Conventional calendar apps are complicated and clunky.. Spike is different. Spike is about smart organization. Everything we build is to help you be more productive and protect your focus. Designed for everyone from remote workers to in-office teams, Spike’s integrated Calendar gives you a birds-eye view of your entire week with no fuss.
Spike merges all your calendars (Google, Outlook, Apple Calendars) right into your email app, so you can view your upcoming events on one screen and give the switching back and forth a rest. Color code each calendar so you always know which appointments are connected to which account and never miss an appointment or conference call again.

It doesn’t matter if you use a PC in the office, a Mac at home, an iPad on the couch, and an Android on the go. Spike works on all devices, seamlessly syncing and consolidating everything, changing the way you view your schedule (literally and figuratively) and putting you in charge of your time, focus, and attention.

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Synced Calendars for Smarter Scheduling

Scheduling catch-ups, virtual meet-ups, dinners, and demos shouldn’t be hard. Think about it. You’re having a real-time chat in Spike with a colleague about setting up a meeting. You set it up (from your email), you get reminded later (from your email), if needed, you can chat with them again about changing the schedule (from your email). That’s it. Simple. It’s all done from your Inbox. .

By ditching your default calendar, you’ll never have to waste time bouncing between your different calendars (who’s got time for that?!), or bouncing from device to device trying to find that upcoming event. Spike’s combined calendar is the perfect way to see all your appointments at-a-glance. So the next time you’re scheduling anything, you can see all of your personal events, work meetings, and extracurricular activities in a single feed.

Discover the modern digital workspace that’s got you covered at home,, in the office, on-the-go, and everywhere in between. Organize your time with a truly smart Calendar. Scheduling has never been so simple.