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iMessage for Android: Here's How Anyone With Android Can Get the iMessage

By Spike Team, February 09, 2021
iMessage for Android

From a 100,000 foot view of smartphones, Android and iPhones do the same thing. Both devices can text, make calls, access apps, and much more. One of the key differences between iPhone and Android, is Android can’t use iMessage. iMessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging system that works across Macs, iPhones, and iPads. iMessage is end-to-end encrypted to secure the messages from the device they’re sent on, through Apple’s servers, to the device that is receiving the message. Because the messages are encrypted, the iMessage network is only usable by devices that know how to decrypt the messages. This fact leaves out the possibility of iMessage for Android through the Google Play Store or side loading it directly on your device without Apple’s help.


Will Apple ever release iMessage for Android

Tech writers have speculated for years if Apple will ever release their actual iMessage app on Android. There have been various hacks over the years to “trick” a Mac into relaying a message to an Android device, but these workarounds are scalable and are likely to break in the future. iMessage is a key feature for Apple devices, and Apple is ultimately a hardware company. While they could change their mind in the future, it’s probable that Apple won’t release iMessage for Android. How can Android users access iMessage’s best features on Android? Read on to find out.

A new chat app is on the market that claims to make iMessage work on Android. It’s called Beeper App and it requires a $10/mo subscription. It also requires one of two things to make it work (that we don’t recommend from a security perspective)


1.  You have to have a Mac running 24/7 that is running the Beeper App for Mac. Since you’re looking for iMessage for Android, you probably don’t have a Mac.


2. Beeper will send you a Jailbroken iPhone running their Beeper Bridge app. Since Apple won’t allow this app into the App Store, that’s the only option Beeper has to offer. This method probably won’t last for long as Apple will continue to evolve iMessage and block this method in the future. Since this method of using iMessage on Android requires a jailbroken iPhone, there is no guarantee of the security of your messages, so we highly advise against using it.


Benefits of iMessage: Why should Android users care?

Android users can’t get a native iMessage experience, but they can get iMessage’s best features without switching to an iPhone. Let’s look at what the benefits of iMessage are:


  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Supports group messaging
  • Works excellent with GIFs and emoji
  • Easy to send quick responses using tap backs
  • Works on all your Apple devices
  • Read receipts
  • Supports iOS media library for photo/video sharing
  • If you have an Apple ID, you are already signed up


Most of the things that make iMessage great are also true of other messaging platforms. Tools like Signal, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are just as easy to use as iMessage, but they require you to sign up for a new account and then get your friends signed up for those services as well. In recent weeks, there has also been news around WhatsApp and data sharing with Facebook, so using looking for a modern Chat service with alternative features has never been more important.


A chat app without friends is…depressing. Being required to sign up for a new service will be a big ? ?  for a lot of people, limiting its use. What people want out of a messenger platform is:


  • Fast
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all devices
  • Supports GIFs and emojis
  • All your friends and colleagues already use it


iMessage for Android: Myth or Reality?

What if we said that Spike checked all those boxes and is an iMessage for Android app alternative? With cross-platform support on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and the web, Spike goes everywhere you go. Spike is the best group chat platform for business or personal use. It transforms complicated email chains into easy-to-follow conversations that can be separated by topic. It’s team chat without ever leaving your Inbox! Are you planning a New Years’ Eve 2021 virtual party with some friends? Use Spike Groups, and get to planning. Are you kicking off a new website design project? Spike Groups is the perfect way to keep the project organized with messaging, notes, file sharing, and real-time collaboration.


Since Spike works with your existing email account, no one has to sign up for a new service or learn a complicated messenger program. Best of all – Spike Groups is free for personal use. Even if someone doesn’t use Spike, they can still join the fun. Anyone with an email address can join the group and chat.


Why Spike Groups is the Solution

iMessage groups can be hard to manage, but Spike Groups make staying in touch a breeze. If  Groups is getting too chatty during your workday, you can mute all notifications with a click of a button. iMessage supports ‘Do Not Disturb’ for threads, but the badge still appears on your iPhone. Have you ever picked up your iPhone and noticed 75 unread iMessages? You either have a super active group or WW3 is occurring. With Spike Groups, you can mute a group and check in on it when it’s convenient for you.


Another significant benefit of Spike Groups that make it an excellent iMessage for Android alternative is Send Later. Do you ever have a time when you want to send a message to a group, but you know most people are still asleep, so you don’t want to wake them up? Do you want to remind contacts in a group about a dinner reservation, but reminding them too early defeats the purpose? With Spike’s Send Later functionality, you cross that reminder off your to-do list but have that reminder arrive at just the right time for maximum effectiveness.


Accessing iMessage on Android: How to get the best features


Spike Groups

Real-time chat


Works on Android and PC

Supports GIFs, emojis, etc. 

Supports scheduled send

THE iMessage for Android Alternative

Apple hasn’t released iMessage for Android. There have been rumors over the years that they had developed one internally but chose never to release it for various reasons. At Spike, we believe in open technology for communications, and you should be able to chat with anyone regardless of the type of device they choose to use.


If you’re looking for a way to access iMessage on Android, download Spike, create a group, and invite your friends. All they need is to sign in with their existing email account, and you can start passing GIFs back and forth and chat in real-time with typing indicators, and more. Even if there isn’t a way to access iMessage on Android, you can still get all the best features and even get some additional ones.


FAQ about iMessage on Android

Not officially, but there are some “hacks” to relay your messages from a Mac, but do that isn’t supported by Apple. It also requires a Mac to stay on 24/7.

Apple is a hardware company, and they’d rather people buy an iPhone or Mac than use their free messenger service. If you want to access iMessage on Android, you’ll need a solution like Spike to get the functionality.

Absolutely! It works with just your email address. If you can use iMessage or WhatsApp, then you already know how to use Spike.

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