Your collaboration unicorn

Personal or collaborative online Notes, built right into your Inbox

Create Notes and edit docs without leaving the Inbox

No more switching between docs, messenger, email and updating your project board. Control your workflow, without breaking your flow.

Spike Notes can help capture everything from your wildest ideas to a quick status update instead of your team meeting to your shared grocery list with your roomie. Notes go as far as your imagination does: use words, images, code, or videos. Attach all your files, add to-dos and set reminders for easy project management.
collaborative notes

Access your Notes
anywhere, anytime

Your Note is automatically saved and synced across your devices and accessible on your mobile, desktop or web browser, anytime, or all at the same time.

Do more—together

With Spike Notes, everyone can write, brainstorm, edit, and make decisions—together.

Collaborative Notes

Invite away

Share your Note with anyone, even if they don’t have Spike.

Online Note

It's alive

Create, edit and collaborate together in real time.

SMART methodology

This just makes more sense

Chat and comments built-in to your collaborative Note.

Now everything you need to get real work done, is in your Inbox.
Integrated Notes

Cut distractions.
Stay focused.
Get more done.

Notifications are automatically sent to the top of your Inbox feed—so there’s no need to update anyone when you edit. Everything takes place in your Inbox, so you can finally get work done without distracting notifications breaking your flow.

Shareable Notes

Collaboration loves email!

Spike is all about inclusion. No matter if your contacts or team use Spike or not. From LA to Tokyo and beyond, everyone can join and get collaborative Notes thanks to the power of email. Your best workflow yet—accelerated with Spike.


When you have an idea that you want to get down in black and white but don’t want to waste time opening up a separate app to jot it down, save time and create a Note right from your Email Inbox. Notes are all online, are cross-platform, and as dynamic as you and your team. Notes can be used for anything from your weekly to-do list or your book club’s reading list, to workflows for large projects or managing your team’s tasks. Teams of all sizes can create, edit, and have a side-bar conversation thanks to an integrated chat within the Note.

Your Note updates in real time as changes and inputs are made to it and pops to the top of your Inbox––notifying you of changes in an unobtrusive way to keep you on your flow. All of this happens right from within your Inbox, so you can eliminate the use of multiple apps or long emails threads. Just seamless productivity in a unified workspace.

To begin harnessing the power of this incredible tool, start your online Note by selecting the Compose icon Spike tasks at the bottom of your Inbox. Select ‘Create Note’ and add participants by selecting the people icon in the top right corner. Now you can begin to create, customize, add images, video, save and share files, and more without leaving your Inbox.

Your best laid plans are safe and secure. Only share Notes with those that need to be involved and be instantly notified of any changes or additions. When someone writes you in the sidebar chat or adds content to the Note, it automatically pops to the top of your feed in your Inbox.

Once you’ve created your Note, add participants and select their usage permissions (Can View, Can Edit, Private) by selecting the  on the top right corner of your workspace, and voila! Everyone is in the loop!

Notes can be shared with everyone––even non-Spike users. No need to log-in, install, or create an account––it’s the online Notes app of your dreams. Sharing Notes makes sure everyone stays on the same page – pun intended.

Sharing Notes online, especially from the comfort of your Inbox, means your team is always aligned when it’s most convenient for them thanks to instant updates backed by the convenience of asynchronous communication. It’s perfect for teams of all sizes, and allows everyone to collaborate––even non-Spike users. By sharing Notes right from your Inbox, you cut out the middle-man of third-party collaboration apps, saving space on your device, and keeping your workflow consistent because there’s no need to open up separate windows or tabs. It’s unified to save you time.

Another meeting means precious minutes spent, and important minutes that need to be taken. Meeting minutes taken with Notes help you and your team (and anyone that was not able to attend) go over important points discussed in the meeting to help you and your team reach your goals. Can’t remember what that manager said about that report? No problem. Refer to the minutes you’ve taken.

Got a two hour lecture on the human genome, or a study group with multiple members and need a place to share everything? Easy––create a Note to be shared with your classmates––even if they don’t use Spike. Using a Note for educational purposes makes the process seamless and collaborative because different team members can take down information, add comments or questions, and view all of it instantly and brainstorm on the spot. You can even share files and additional study materials right into the Note, saving space on your device. How’s that for team work?