Never miss a Task again

Stay on top of your Tasks, to-do lists and reminders

The end of fragmentation

Your Inbox already contains most of your daily to-dos. Whether it's an invoice that requires payment or a question that needs to be answered, your Inbox is home to your tasks. Rather than switch between apps, manage projects, set reminders, and tackle your to-do list––personal or professional––in one place. This way, you’ll never miss a task again.
Email Task Management

Simplified project management

Create everything from complex tasks to simple to-do lists in seconds. Know who is working on what, view update history and get live status updates with real-time notifications––without ever leaving your Inbox.

Plan, organize, and manage all your to-dos

Tasks built into your email means you’ll never miss a detail again.
Received an email that you just ‘can’t even’ deal with right now? Snooze it, set a reminder, or pin it to the top of your Inbox for later––when you 'can'.

Create a new Task for yourself or someone else. Real-time notifications instantly update you on progress and when Tasks are completed.

Task in Email

All in a single, powerful Inbox

Pin your task to the top of your Inbox, archive, or delete it when done. Its email, after all.

task list manager

Real-time task management

Track status with live progress updates. See notifications at the top of your Inbox, keeping you in-the-know, without breaking your flow.

Tasks and Notes


Snooze any Task and it’ll pop back up exactly when you want to be reminded.

Create a To-Do list

Stay focused.
Get more done.

Don’t waste time jumping between your email and different project or task management tools. Manage your workflow from right where you are: your Inbox. Stop the app switching and stay focused.


Live Collaboration

Keep your Task private or invite anyone to collaborate––even if they don’t use Spike. Collaborate on a Task, view a detailed edit history, and receive real-time updates as Tasks are completed.

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