Never miss a task again

Stay on top of your tasks, to-do lists and reminders

The end of fragmentation

Your feed already contains most of your daily to-dos. Whether it's an invoice that requires payment or a question that needs to be answered, your feed is home to your tasks. Rather than switch between apps, manage projects, set reminders, and tackle your to do list––personal or professional – in one place. This way, you’ll never miss a task again. Peak productivity and efficiency.

Plan, organize, and manage all your to-dos

Got a message and don’t have the time for it? Snooze it, set a reminder, or pin it to the top of your feed for later. Create a new Task for yourself or someone else and get real time notifications that update you on progress and when Tasks are completed.

All in a single, powerful feed

Pin your task to the top of your Inbox, archive, or delete it when done.

Real time task management

Track status with live progress updates. See notifications at the top of your feed, keeping you in-the-know, without breaking your flow.


Snooze any Task and it’ll pop back up exactly when you want to be reminded.

Simplified project management

Create everything from complex tasks to simple to do lists in seconds. Know who is working on what at any given time, view update history, task time tracking and get live status updates with real time notifications - without ever leaving your feed.

Stay focused. Get more done.

Don’t waste time jumping between your emails, messages and different project or task management tools. Manage your workflow from right where you are: your fees. Stop the app switching and stay focused.

Live collaboration

Keep your Task private or invite anyone to collaborate–even if they don’t use Spike. Collaborate on a Task, view a detailed edit history, and receive real time updates as Tasks are completed.

You have questions, we have answers

  • Creating a Task is Simple! All you have to do is Hit the ‘ ✏️’ button at the bottom left of your Spike app just as you would compose a new message, but instead of creating a message thread, choose ‘Create Task.’ You then can add a title, info and status to the task (The status is color coded and easily viewable in the sidebar alongside your conversations). You can add your to-do’s for each task as a checklist so that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • It’s all in the details. Add all the information you think you’ll need to complete each task. Link relevant notes, docs, or files. Plus add charts or checklists to make each task as clear as possible. You can also pin higher priority tasks to the top of your list so you make sure you get them done first.

  • Tasks & To-Do lists are shareable with anyone! If you need multiple people in order to complete a project you can add each relevant person and they can add their tasks and information themselves. Share and collaborate in real time so that you can better manage each group task.