Darren Olstad is the founder of Crowne Law, a law firm specializing in corporate structure for international e-commerce clients. All the intricacies of selling across borders could get complicated, but his job is to guide them through tax, banking, and corporate structuring with ease. There’s no time for Darren and his team to waste when their clients need answers, but keeping each client up to date with everything they need to build sound companies is demanding on their time.


“We used to send voice mail all day long for people.” Voice memos became his favorite fast way to communicate. “Voice memos are just WAY easier to get to and generate than phone calls. I can communicate the whole picture, and it’s faster than playing phone tag.” He relied on group messaging apps like WhatsApp, which was limiting because not everyone had those other apps.


With Spike, he can use voice memos directly in his emails to keep people updated quickly— whether it’s clients, colleagues, or friends and family— saving him time by not switching between platforms, and keeping him focused in one easy place. “I have the whole firm using Spike for its chat interface and super fast features, and I even got some of my clients on it. They love how easy it is to communicate.” Considering he sends 350+ messages in a day, the time savings adds up— especially when added throughout the whole firm.

“One of my favorite things about Spike is that it has the functionality of the modern-day chats, like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, on top of email. Spike has done a really good job of getting the features I need from WhatsApp, into email, like a business chat. Spike is the best of both worlds, with zen-like simplicity.”

What else does Darren love? Spike’s Conversational Email— the way we designed email to look more like conversations, cleaning up old email formatting to reveal just the messages, plain and simple. “Spike puts a little bit of logic and calmness into the chaos of looking at an email. I hate looking through a string of emails and seeing the same message repeated 50 times in reply threads. It’s just a mess. Spike cleans email up which simplifies everything. Spike gives me sanity in my brain. That’s the number one thing I love about it.”



Conversational Email

email client



Darren and Crowne use Spike to keep information flowing freely in real-time, in whichever way is most convenient for them. Spike’s many modes of communication— whether text, voice, gif, video, or doodles— are there to support them in ways that work best as a business messaging app.


That way, Darren and everyone at Crowne can stay on top of work without getting bogged down by the pitfalls of modern-day communication.


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