One thing that can really slow everyone down is unresponsiveness. With Spike, Guy’s inbox is free of clutter, letting him stay on top of responding.

Angel Investor Guy Gamzu uses Spike as a business chat to keep information flowing instantly.


Independent Angel investors like Guy Gamzu have a high-communication job. Between meeting new startups (over 400 a year!), and being hands on with his portfolio companies, there are a lot of emails going to and from his inbox.


Guy cares about his portfolio ventures, and throughout the years has come to think of himself as a service, where the entrepreneur and company is like his customer. To be available for all the needs innovative businesses have—advice, connections, or input—responsiveness and high quality communication are vital to his day to day.


Unresponsiveness can seriously slow him down. But Spike’s read tracking and real-time response awareness keep communication moving transparently for him.

“With Spike I can be ultra responsive, and I can also easily check others’ responsiveness to me. With deadlines and launches, that transparency conveys a lot of information.”

For collaborative projects, Guy uses Spike Groups as a Slack alternative.


“Every time we have a collaborative project, I open a dedicated Group on Spike so we can have a joint workspace. Anyone can be part of the entire thread— complete with files— which flows through their email of choice. The fact that people external to the venture can immediately access a Slack-like channel without ever logging into anything is a big time saver. I can use it as a business chat with everyone even if they’re not on Spike.”


This way, new members to projects can hop into the email channel, and view all the files and project history right from their inbox, no login required.


Since Spike is available across platforms, you can access Groups on-the-go on mobile, making it a great business chat app.


We also thought email should feel more clean and relatable than it had been with old email clients. So, we designed email to look more like conversations, cleaning up old email formatting to reveal just the messages, plain and simple. We call it Conversational Email.

“The clean design is the first thing that strikes you about Spike. It scrubs away the unnecessary parts of email that always felt so heavy.”

Thanks to Spike, Guy can keep his responsivity up and inbox clutter down. All that time saved means Guy has more clear mindspace for advising entrepreneurs. Although the work never really ends for him, it does leave more time for non-work stuff, like mountain biking, running, reading, and grabbing a drink with friends.


“Without Spike, I’d be lost in the clutter.”

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