Chris is the marketing & technology coordinator at a school for listening and spoken language for children with hearing loss. Chris has a lot to coordinate with his job. He keeps all the equipment functioning— like computers, TVs, and iPads— in the classrooms and throughout the various departments on campus, manages any accounts or software the school might need, and handles social media and their website.


Managing so many moving parts, Chris is the school’s Jack of all trades and has to be an expert communicator and logistics coordinator. He uses Spike as his email of choice to keep it all organized. “Spike really does a fantastic job of organizing and mass deleting the clutter.”


We found that old email needed some help. Your inbox is something that should make working easy and light, yet we found we were frequently working against our inboxes. So, we completely rethought the design of the inbox, and of emails themselves.


“Everything is sped up: the ability to handle mass deletions. And responding— each response is like a quick text to a friend, almost like a business chat. Even formatting— I don’t really have to worry about format because it just works and looks great. It’s the best email organizer.”


“I love how much easier it is to respond on Spike. It's like I'm sending a quick text each time. It takes the stress out of email.”

Conversational Email

email client

Conversational Email

We call this simple format Conversational Email. We found old email clients to be clunky, so we designed emails to be more about the people and less about heavy formatting, making your inbox a more enjoyable place to be. It’s clean, efficient, and focused on interactions with people, not threads.

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Spike as an email organizer makes managing your inbox more human-friendly than it was before. Spike’s read receipts and real-time email helps Chris with transparency, so he can stay on top of the school’s tech needs in a smart and effortless way. Then, he can focus his energy where needed.



“It’s nice that I can spend less time hunting things down in my inbox. It leaves more time at work. I work with some pretty intelligent and incredibly dedicated people—deaf educators of all levels, like audiologists and speech-language pathologists with mountains of accolades—and our students are some of the best in the world. To me, that extra time is meaningful.”

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