Relocating to a new area is both exciting and scary. Whether you move for work, to make a new start, or just because, getting to know a new neighborhood and the amenities available to you can be daunting. This is where start-up Dwellcome comes in. Think of it as your neighborhood concierge. Founded by real-life landlord and real estate businessman, Tom Pischel, and due for widespread launch in December of 2020, Dwellcome allows users to create a neighborhood guide for recipients to use to help them adapt quickly into their new community after moving. 


Bound to be a valuable resource for realtors, landlords, airbnb hosts, guests, and more, Dwellcome’s inner workings require Tom to manage the flow of emails from 4 separate accounts––3 for Dwellcome’s launch, and another to manage his separate business as a landlord. One of the many things Tom loves about Spike is the fact that he no longer has to jump between and log into his personal and professional accounts separately thanks to Spike’s Unified Inbox.   

“Spike removed me having to jump into my personal email via gmail, and having to log into my server to view my Dwellcome accounts separately. I can have my personal email with my startup emails and vice versa.” 

With so many emails flowing in and out of his inboxes daily, Spike’s Unified Inbox combines all of Tom’s email identities under one, easy-to-use mega Inbox.

Priority inbox

Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox filters out all non-essential correspondences, like newsletters and promotions, into the Other Inbox, leaving Tom with a clean, concise, and easy to navigate feed.

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But what about making sure those emails have indeed been read by the recipient? No problem. Spike’s read receipts keep Tom up-to-date on what emails have and have not been read by his contacts, helping him determine when to follow up. “I think the greatest feature is being able to see when someone has received my email and read it, giving me added assurance that the email was sent and received, and did not end up in someone’s Spam folder” And while Tom is on site making his dreams a reality, he can access his Inbox from any of his devices so he can send inquiries and respond to requests in real-time.


When Dwellcome kicks off full-time, Tom also plans to utilize the newly added features to Spike’s workspace––Notes and Tasks. When working with a larger team, Notes and Tasks will streamline Toms workflow by bringing his to-do’s and checklists into his Inbox feed so he never has to worry about switching apps to manage projects or tasks ever again. So when he retains a new tenant or needs to add information to the Dwellcome directory, Tom can quickly delegate tasks to his team, and easily onboard new clients and prospects.

As Dwellcome is an app geared towards helping people and making life a little more comfortable during what can be a big adjustment period, Tom also has true appreciation for Spike’s stellar customer care:

“Each time I reached out with a problem or suggestion I would get a response back in under an hour. This kind of dedication makes it worth it for me each year when I resubscribe. 

No matter if you are a freelancer, small business owner like Tom, or a fledgling start-up on course to improve the world, Spike’s got you covered for all your communication and workflow needs.

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