As a Co-Director of the Mindful Connection Institute, Carlo Monsanto is always on the go. Living by the philosophy that self-knowledge will lead to self-wellness and prosperity, Carlo and his team are spearheading efforts to develop loLee, an application that will revolutionize the way we think and overcome obstacles. Working with academics and researchers from all over the world, Carlo needs to be in-the-know of new developments and ideas while keeping communications confidential. To keep collaborations relevant and on-track, Carlo communicates with dozens of people via various mediums and needs to keep things organized.


By using a general traditional email client, Carlo found that the communication process oftentimes became tedious. “E-mail exchange was generally not secure and certain emails within a thread were often a pain to find, making group exchanges cumbersome.” Issues with tracking and adding new contacts to his inbox also made matters worse, and email delivery receipts would show up in his inbox as additional emails, creating more clutter. But that all changed when he started using Spike.


Spike’s email encryption uses the AES-256 algorithm, so Carlo no longer has to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands and can rest assured that loLee will remain unique at the forefront of innovation.


email encryption activate

Email Encryption

Spike's encrypted messages are visible to all participants using Spike - and a quick tap away for non-Spike users. When it comes to users on the other end viewing Carlo’s email, Spike automatically decrypts the message so recipients view it just like any other normal email.



Spike also supports email providers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, as well as providers like iCloud, meaning Carlo can add anyone to his inbox without a headache – solving that pesky problem he had with his general email client.


“Spike is an all-in-one communication platform that incorporates e-mail, voice and video, making communication much more efficient, organized and enjoyable. And I can rest assured that Spike does NOT use or store my information!”

When Carlo is not at his desk, Spikes real-time awareness lets him see what team members are online at a moment’s notice, enabling him to contact them ASAP with new breakthroughs or questions. And if Carlo doesn’t have time to type, Spikes Voice and Video Call feature for mobile gives Carlo the flexibility to be hands-free and still get the job done. By using this feature to connect anytime, anywhere, communication remains open and free – sort of like having a mini video conference room at your fingertips.


All these features make collaboration safe, efficient, and organized to help Carlo and his Mindful Connection team keep their A-game on point. “Just like Spike revolutionizes the way people work with email, voice and video communication, we want to revolutionize the way people work towards achieving well-being.”

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