Eva Frye, a freelance content strategist in San Francisco, tells stories of cutting-edge technology companies and social impact businesses changing the world. These stories are inspirational for her to tell— one of her clients is actually stopping child malnutrition around the world. Telling these stories takes a lot of people coming together. For each of her projects, she works with a variety of parties— from clients, to video or photo teams she hires, to other external sources, like PR firms.


She loves her work, telling stories for good— but all those accounts come at an organizational cost.



Each client and firm usually give Eva an email alias. So at any given point, a freelance strategist will have 5 or 6 different active email aliases, which come along with a whole slew of different calendars, inboxes, and Slack logins. “Keeping track of my email was not fun.” With everything in different places, things can get complex, keeping freelancers on the hunt for the best organization apps to keep things sane.



Spike unified inbox

Unified Inbox

Because of this, Eva loves Spike’s unified inbox since you can easily have all your aliases in one simple place, making it an ideal email management app for freelancers.

Another problem Eva would run into, is that with so many calendars across different email clients, like Outlook and Gmail, it was a pain to sync multiple calendars.

Now Eva uses Spike to sync calendars in one easy spot.

“I had so many different calendars for clients. I set up calendar syncing between Gmail and Outlook, but it’s not a perfect system, and I was always worried I was going to miss a meeting. I completely lost confidence in my calendar’s ability to keep me on point and it was TERRIBLE."

With Spike’s Unified Calendar, you can see all your meetings, events, and even personal commitments in one simple place, making it a great Gmail or Outlook alternative, especially as an all in one calendar app for on-the-go organization. 



Spike app

Unified Calendar

“Not only can I see meetings with all my clients in one place, I can see everything from friend dates to board meetings on my unified calendar now— I’ve never had such schedule visibility in one place before. It’s so good!”

Spike is a cross-platform email client, meaning you can add all your accounts, even if they’re on different platforms— whether they’re Outlook, Gmail, or self-hosted— they’ll all live happily in your unified inbox, on any of your devices.

We also thought email should feel more comfortable and easy, so we designed email to look more like conversations. Spike cleans up old email formatting to reveal just the messages, plain and simple. We call it Conversational Email.

“Conversational email was a first for me. The design is SO intuitive and clean. I no longer waste time scrolling through chains of emails that show every message quoted 50 times. It made me think... How much time have I wasted sorting through junk just trying to find one thing I need? I actually can’t believe email wasn’t cleaned up like this a long time ago."

Eva says, “It’s a joy to look at emails now, compared to how they looked in other email clients. I have more calm and clarity in my head when I’m in my inbox these days.”


Spike helps Eva stay organized and on top of things so she can flow through work with her clients. All that time saved stuck in between inboxes, she can use to tell richer stories of social impact. With Spike, Eva can avoid the noise and focus on the important stuff.


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