Mosey Levy does experiential audiovisual design for anyone from high-end residential homeowners, to construction and architecture projects, designing custom lighting, electronics, and telecommunication systems for offices, homes, and special events.


To keep his work flowing smoothly, Mosey uses the Spike app to keep himself organized.  “On a daily basis, I’m talking with Architects, Designers, Project Managers, and Vendors. It all flows through email so I need my email app to be light and fast.”


Mosey has done his research and chooses Spike as his favorite inbox management tool.

“I work with technology and so I'm sort of an email app junky. I’m always looking for the app that best gets out of the way, while still being powerful. I love Spike’s chat interface— it’s significantly more natural than other email apps. That helps me respond more quickly, since I don’t have to dig through conversations.”

We call this simple interface Conversational Email. Old email clients are clunky, repetitive and hard to follow— thread formatting gets complicated, and you really have to search to find important information. So, we designed emails to be more about people, making your inbox a more enjoyable place to be.


A clean design and a few important inbox tricks help him keep his email organized and speedy.


Spike Priority inbox

Priority Inbox

“A few of Spike features are major time savers for me: The Priority Inbox helps me focus on important emails.


“A few of Spike features are major time savers for me:

  • The Priority Inbox helps me focus on important emails.
  • Unsubscribe and delete is a huge time saving and decluttering feature.
  • Delete all emails from a sender in one swipe is amazing for cleaning up.
  • All that, plus the speed of the app, is great for my productivity.”


Mosey uses Spike to stay on top of his work so he can spend more time on project management, sales, and system design.

“Client communications have become a pleasure thanks to Spike. It’s faster, more efficient, and more fun to use.”

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