Yan Sim manages supply chain operations for Warby Parker. With a large at-home try-on program and distribution network, he manages many coordinated efforts.


Yan works cross-functionally with different stakeholders and teams to push forward projects and initiatives, and email is usually the platform to do so.


To make operations seem seamless takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Waiting for responses and managing processes keeps Yan busy. He uses Spike’s real time email, clean format, and useful features as a productivity app.

Priority Inbox

Priority inbox

“Spike’s interface is quick. The layout is clean so you can see the whole flow of the conversation. Other email apps repeat content in reply threads, making the thread long and unwieldy. But in Spike’s format, I see just what I need to see.”

We call this simple format Conversational Email. We found old email clients to be difficult to deal with, so we designed them to be more about people and less about formatting, making your inbox a more enjoyable place to be.


Spike also helps Yan coordinate work by bringing emails back to his inbox.

“I use snooze as a project management hack. When I know I need to follow up with someone on Friday, I'll snooze the thread 'till then, so I know it will come back to the top of my inbox when I need it to.”

Yan is able to be fast and efficient managing his work since Spike helps him stay on top of things. He can spend less time in his inbox, giving him more space for his hobbies and side hustles: running a web development firm, doing career coaching and duathlons.

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