Priority Inbox

Spike prioritizes your most important messages, so you can get on with more interesting things.

Drowning in emails?

Drowning in emails? It’s time to learn how to organize your Inbox. And we don’t mean delete a bunch of emails, create some folders, tag your messages, or any other of those old-school email management tips. Just switch to Priority Inbox.

Get rid of clutter in your Inbox. Lose the endless Twitter notifications. Forget the annoying Uber receipts. Spike’s Priority Inbox sorts all your less important emails such as newsletters, promotional offers and random invites into another Inbox, called ‘Other’. For when you have more time (and patience).

The new standard of email management

We know you deal with tons of email every day. Stop wasting your time sorting junk and dare to dream of a simple, organized Inbox!

To see your low-priority emails, simply click on ‘Other’ at the top of your Inbox. You’ll have instant access to all those newsletters and distracting messages that you simply don’t have time to deal with when you’re in the zone.

Let Priority Inbox keep your Inbox in check. It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It helps you keep your focus.

Customize your Inbox

If Priority Inbox is not quite your thing, then it’s easy to switch back to a regular email Inbox and manage your messages in a more, well, regular way.

Discover a better way to organize email and let our intelligent Priority Inbox keep you on track and organized.

You have questions, we have answers

  • If you find that Priority Inbox is not for you, you can always remove the automatic sorting in your settings.

    All you have to do is go to ‘Account Settings’ and under ‘Messaging’ toggle off ‘Priority.’

  • Spike’s smart inbox automatically understands which contacts are recurring, or important and which are not. Spike sorts newsletters, spam, and other less important emails in ‘Other’ –but if there is an email or message in ‘Other’ that you want to move to ‘Priority’ all you have to do is mark it as ‘Priority,’ and it will be moved and recognized as ‘Priority’ (also in the future).

  • By using Priority inbox you can see what’s important more simply. No more getting distracted with a less important newsletter telling you there’s a Sale, or that you’ve won a cruise trip.

  • Priority inbox increases efficiency since it helps you stay focused on important messages, and more organized. Never miss high priority messages and stay responsive. Never get distracted, and reach inbox zero.