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Manage a Global Team Across Time Zones

By Spike Team, November 24, 2019
Manage global team

When you manage a global team, meeting IRL is usually overrated. These days, it’s all about staying connected and aligned and not so much about saving face by showing up to an office. We all know that the best work happens when teams collaborate seamlessly. 


Global teams are nothing new. But managing them has only gotten more complicated thanks to the sheer amount of tech that companies are expected to keep up with. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated, especially when it comes to staying connected to your team.


So how do you stay sane and keep everyone on track when you’re spread across the world? Easy! Cultivate great communication with your team across time zones without the stress of tying up phone lines or giving up on remote hires with these tips.



Align Your Team on Brand Cultures and Values

We get it. You’ve heard enough about culture fit. But when you manage a global team, you have to focus on sharing the values of the brand so everyone’s clear on the work that has to get done. After all, these shared values are what make a brand cohesive.


An easy way to impart your wisdom is to create a style guide or other team document to make sure everyone is on board when it comes to representing the brand. Easily identify, share, and manage different files and presentation decks with Spike’s visual File Management and stress-free cloud integration. In addition, touch base during regular check-ins with colleagues to make sure they are in line with the rest of the team. Check-ins create the opportunity for you to give specialized attention to individual team members and address any questions, issues, or thoughts that may not have come up in email correspondences.  



Establish Strong Communication with Collaboration Apps

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Maybe you’re just a few hours ahead or behind your team. Or maybe, you’re so many time zones away from your coworkers that working during the same hours is impossible. That’s why creating a virtual workspace with great collaboration apps is key to remote team success. Host your virtual watercooler in Spike Groups to stay connected and manage workflows within Spike’s unified workspace.


Not only will your coworkers get real-time updates, but anyone can be included, even non-Spike users because it works right on top of your existing email. Priority Inbox, read receipts, and the praise-worthy video and voice call capabilities will create clear channels to guarantee seamless communication and great results. Plus, Send Later is a great way to send summaries of meeting minutes to keep everyone in the loop at normal hours, eliminating the need to have someone wake up at 3 am for a collaboration session.


Create Clear Boundaries and Deadlines

When you’re working with a global team, it’s tempting to feel obligated to work 24/7. But don’t. Stick to a schedule that works for you and create clear boundaries and manageable deadlines when it comes to your work hours – that way your team will know what to expect and you won’t be required to answer every email late into the night. 


Make those boundaries work by using an all-knowing calendar to keep your team up to speed on availability, meetings, and deadlines in one handy location. In addition, help maintain cultural sensitivity and bridge the gap between nuances by keeping note of national and religious holidays to further ensure that everyone is respected. 



Take Advantage of the Time Difference

Working across time zones may seem like a serious downside to working with a global team. Not only are you unable to meet in person, but you’ll likely find yourself working while your coworker is asleep. The secret to taking advantage of your differing time zones? Coordinate tasks that complement one another so you’re maximizing the time available to your team. When you’ve clocked out for the day, you can rest assured that Mark in Singapore will be able to button up the rest of that project before you’ve even woken up. If you play your cards right, it’s like having a friend in the future.


Technology and globalization have made multi-national teams the new norm. When it comes to managing everyday communications, Spike’s got you and your colleagues covered from no matter where you are. Let’s face it: traditional email isn’t cutting it anymore. When it comes to connecting with your remote team, managing files, having an all-knowing calendar and more, keeping all communications and collaborations in one unified open-silo app is a sure-fire way to succeed.


From Sydney to San Fran, New York to New Delhi, Spike keeps you in touch. Are you part of a global team? Let us know your experience by tweeting us @SpikeNowHQ

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