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How your Engineering Teams Benefit from Working with Spike

By Spike Team, May 08, 2019
Email for engineers

You know your engineers. They’re always glued to their screens. Furiously tapping on keyboards. Lost in code. But when it comes to communication, well, software developers are rarely celebrated as great conversationalists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. And while attention to detail and complex problem-solving skills are crucial to the role, they don’t always translate into smooth workplace collaboration. However, what if there was a way to encourage better communications. What if your engineers had everything they need to collaborate in a single app. What if there was a way to make everyone a little more…conversational.


You ask and we deliver. Conversational Email for engineering teams is here!


Spike will free your coders from the burden of conventional communication. It’s built to make team chat instant, dynamic, and responsive. PLUS, it puts all of your favorite organization tools at your fingertips in a single, central app. Our engineers love it, and so will yours. It’s nothing less than the future of email.


For engineers, productivity suffers when using multiple communication tools. So it’s a huge boost for us when we stop switching between apps. Spike combines everything we need for communication in one place!  — Chen, Full Stack Team Leader at Spike

One App. One Team – Conversational Email for Engineers

When you’re interviewing superstar coders, you’re probably not thinking about how well they’ll communicate as part of a larger team. However, when it comes to big projects, collaboration is key. In fact, more often than not, we bet that problems among your coders stem from communication issues, and not lack of motivation or skills. Cutting down on communication management and organization simply makes sense.


Spike brings together everything you need for communication in a single app. That’s email chat, group messaging, calendars, file management, and more from a single screen.

Silos of information are a thing of the past, and whether you’re chatting across a conference room or the continent, your coders will find fresh creativity through instant file sharing and integrated voice and video calling.



Group Email for Engineering Teams

Keeping the dialogue between your software engineers moving forward can be a challenge, particularly when you use a separate internal communications tool such as Slack. Constantly switching between XCode, email, and another internal comms app is a nightmare. So we designed Groups. It’s the most intuitive Slack alternative. And it’s built right into your email.


Set up Groups per project, per team, per anything you like. You can use it to communicate with your on-site employees or connect a bunch of geographically independent freelancers. And the best part? It’s all done through your email. No separate apps. No frustrating silos of information.


Need the team to debug the latest update of your shiny new eCommerce platform? Groups make it fast and responsive, helping team members communicate in real-time just like they would with an instant messenger. Got an idea for a revolutionary new social media experience? Your team can share documents and ideas just like they would when face-to-face. It’s the most effective way to collaborate through email.



Advanced Search for Lost Code (Plus File Manager!)

Sharing documents that contain thousands of lines of code through conventional email can be problematic. All too often documents get digitally misplaced, file names confused, updates buried in the ever-growing pile of unread email threads. Spike changes all that with Advanced Search and File Manager—two simple yet powerful way to keep on top of documents.


Whether you’ve got your top minds on refactoring a piece of old code or your team is collaborating on plans for the next big thing, you’ll always have the right documents, right where you need them. File Manager displays all your docs instantly—no need to waste time downloading them, just preview directly within the email. Advanced Search, on the other hand, helps you quickly and easily find older documents and attachments—even if your coders think it’s funny to label them in binary. Simply search by name, keyword, or contact and all your associated attachments will be displayed clearly and intuitively directly in the Spike app.


Streamlined Email for Engineers and Coders

Conversational Email for engineers puts everyone on the same page—and just like your coders, it works hard to cut out all the unnecessary features of conventional email. We’ve ditched the useless headers and signatures, dumped long and confusing email threads, and organized your inbox by contact. It’s as sharp and switched on as your best and brightest programmers, and it’ll open up a whole new way for your engineering teams to collaborate. Real-time email awareness, at-a-glance read-receipts, and streamlined email chats work together to keep everyone’s eyes on the ball—helping your coders worry less about formal comms and more about code!


Conversational email for engineering teams is the perfect collaboration tool—helping reluctant communicators discover a new and refreshing way to work together. Real-time email awareness brings immediacy and responsive chat to teams, while the rest of our productivity tools help you and your coders easily manage projects. Download Spike today and discover the future of email for engineers.


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