What is Conversational Email?

Spike redefines email by introducing conversational email, a method that transforms traditional email threads into a chat-like experience. Here’s how it works and the key benefits it offers.



What is Conversational Email?

Conversational email replaces the traditional, subject-based inbox for a more user-friendly format. It groups all your exchanges with a specific contact into a single thread. Rather than navigating through replies and threads, users view their email in a single chat-like window.



How Does Conversational Email Work?

Imagine this: you send an email to a colleague. With Spike, this email becomes the starting point of a conversation. All subsequent replies from both of you appear chronologically within the same thread, just like in a chat app. You can see who sent what and when, keeping the flow of the conversation clear and easy to follow.



What Are the Key Benefits of Conversational Email?


  • Enhanced Clarity:

    Forget the days of piecing together information from scattered replies. With Spike, you see the entire conversation history with a contact in one place. This makes it simpler to find information and context.

  • Improved Efficiency:

    No more hunting for specific information within lengthy threads. Spike allows you to quickly scan conversations, find what you need, and respond faster.

  • Boosted Collaboration:

    Real-time presence indicators (similar to seeing “online” on chat apps). This lets you know if your contact is available for immediate follow-up

  • Simplified Communication:

    Spike removes unnecessary email clutter like repetitive headers and signatures. This provides a cleaner interface, allowing you to focus on the actual message and respond more efficiently.

By transforming email into a conversational format, Spike aims to streamline communication, improve collaboration, and ultimately, make your email experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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