Spike is made to enhance your workflow, putting the tools you need exactly where you need them. Tasks take your workflow to the next level, keeping all your important projects front and center, freeing up your brain to focus on more important things.


Spike Tasks are real-time, collaborative project management tools that help you organize everything — from your daily shopping lists to your team’s monthly to-dos.


Since Spike is powered by Email, all your Tasks have Spike’s powerful tools to make managing projects a breeze:


  • Real-Time Awareness: Collaborate in real-time on any Task. Know your project status at all times.
  • Reminders: Set reminders for you and your team to keep up with deadlines (here is how to snooze)
  • Super Search: Advanced email search tool lets you quickly and efficiently find everything in your inbox.
  • File Preview: Preview all files directly within your inbox without having to open emails one by one.


How to create a Task with Spike


  1. Either swipe or long press the ‘New Message’ icon

    The New Message Spike tasks icon will give you an option to create a Task.

  2. Write the title

    Spike tasks
  3. Tap ‘Save Task’ to create the task. This will make the new task appear on top of your inbox.

    Spike tasks



  1. Right click the ‘New Message’ icon

    Right clicking ‘New Message’ Spike tasks icon will open an option to create a Task.

  2. Another option is to hover over the compose button. This will show the upward arrow and clicking it will give the option to create a Task.

    spike tasks
  3. Write the title

  4. Click on Save Task or press enter

    spike tasks

How to delete a Task



  1. Easy! Swipe the task to the left and tap the Trash icon.

    Delete task email
  2. If Quick Swipe is turned on:

    Swipe from right to left to delete.

    Delete email quick swipe spike



There are 2 ways to delete a task on desktop:


Option #1:

  1. Hover over the Task you wish to delete.

  2. Click the three dots that appear to open the action menu.

    Task delete email
  3. A number of action icons will appear.

    Delete task email


Option #2:


  1. Right click the Task you wish to delete.

  2. Click the Trash icon.

    Delete task email

Resizing images in Tasks



When hovering over an image with your mouse, black lines will appear on the left and on right hand sides of the image. Dragging the image from the left hand line will change its location. Dragging the image from the right hand line will change its size. This also works with GIFs.


Where to find your list of Tasks



  1. Swipe from left to right to see the Menu.

  2. Under each account the Tasks folders will appear.

    Spike email



  1. Click the Folders icon to see your list.

  2. Click Tasks to view the full list for each of your accounts.

    Tasks Notes
  3. Filter your view by your sharing settings or by Starred/Inbox/Archived.

    Sharing collaboration

How to schedule a Task



  1. Swipe the Task you wish to snooze to the left.

  2. Tap on ‘More’.

    Spike swipe gestures
  3. Pick a time you wish to schedule your Task from the existing list or ‘Choose a time’

    Spike email app

Set it and forget it 🙂
Snoozing a task hides it from your feed once scheduled and reappears at the specific time.


If Quick Swipe is turned on:

  1. Swipe the Task from left to right to open the action menu.

    Customizable swipes
  2. Select the time for the scheduled reminder from the existing list or ‘Choose a time’.

Star emailsPro tip: you can customize your snoozing options and select the perfect times for reminders.





  1. Click the three dots that appear to open the actions menu.

  2. Click on one of the snoozing options.

    Snooze task
  3. This will make the Task disappear and reappear again at the time you decided on.

    snooze a task

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and need more help, our team will be happy to help 😎