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What's Stopping Staff Using Collaborative Tools at Work?

By Spike Team, November 03, 2020
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When it comes to improving teamwork and boosting communication, there can be no excuse. There are countless tools, apps, and software suites to choose from, and they’re ALL the very best at greasing the wheels of collaborative work. They’re ALL exactly what you’ve been looking for to help your team rock that next big project—or so they say.


However, a quick look at workplaces across the world reveals a slightly strange phenomenon. Despite the fact that we’re spoilt for choice in regard to game changing collaboration apps, no one seems to be using them. Or at least, not EVERYONE is using them, and that’s a real problem for employers, employees, remote workers, and freelancers alike.


There are numerous reasons why staff fail to adopt the latest tools and apps at work, and very often, it’s a guessing game as to whether any particular tool will be a success. However, for offices around the world championing collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork, there’s clearly a need for greater adoption of tools that can actually do a job.


So, to help you identify why your staff aren’t quite as enthusiastic as you about the latest corporate-sponsored app rollout, we’ve highlighted a few tell-tale signs your chosen tool is not quite what you think it is. And of course, since Spike is MADE for collaboration, we’ve also listed how we’re ready to solve the problem for you!



There’s Just too Many

The race to get ahead can often be counterproductive. We jump on the latest bandwagon and buy into whatever the latest and greatest productivity mavens tell us. Outlandish promises and flashy marketing tactics aside, we all have a tendency to hear what we want—and gloss over what we don’t want. WARNING: app features may not be used optimally IRL.


The problem is, there are simply too many productivity apps on the market—and they all do the same things slightly differently. Naturally, each individual has their own unique workflow, their own logical (or chaotic) way of doing things. So, if you’ve got separate team chat apps, email clients, CRM tools, Kanban boards, scheduling systems, and calendars, each employee is going to lean towards their own preferred apps that fit with their workflow. While we’re busy solving small problems by introducing new apps, we make big problems for employees trying to integrate their workflows with the way the rest of the office works.


? The Spike Solution

Spike gives you all the productivity tools you need in a single app—so you can give the app switching a rest and still communicate, collaborate, and manage in your own preferred style. Whether that’s through asynchronous email, synchronous real-time messaging, through the use of collaborative notes and to-do lists, or simply by ensuring your calendar and email play nicely together. Spike has got your back.


They’re Awkward to Use

Apps succeed or fail on the back of their user interfaces and their integration with other tools—so it’s kind of surprising that so many are not intuitive to use and awkward to navigate. Look, we’re not naming any names here, but you know the biggest offenders, and you can easily identify who’s currently battling through another crappy UI from the frustrated sighs and groans across the other side of the office.


The thing is, if an app is less than a joy to use, it very quickly falls out of favor with staff. No one wants to waste precious time searching in vain for files, contacting co-workers by email to remind them to check the team chat, fussing with calendar entries to ensure your appointments appear on all your devices. If it’s awkward to use and eats away at your time, we say bin it.


? The Spike Solution

Spike is based around email—so anyone can use it. We’ve worked hard to make our user interface completely intuitive, and it balances just the right amount of convention and common sense to help you focus and find your flow. You can quickly and easily find files with Advanced Search, your calendar is located conveniently on the same screen as your inbox, and both your email and team chats are seamlessly integrated into your inbox.


They’re Impersonal

In the rush to automate and streamline our offices, the simple fact that humans love to communicate is often forgotten. OK, you have the latest productivity app that keeps your staff connected, and yet, no one is really communicating. Team chats are chaotic, email alone is impersonal, and simply jotting down passive aggressive notes in a shared document is no way to build strong co-worker relationships.


Productivity apps struggle to deal with this kind of problem. They’re designed to keep people at their screens and they very rarely consider the nuances and flexibility required to communicate complex thoughts, ideas, and problems effectively—let alone dealing with personal or performance related issues. Sometimes, staff want to connect in more personal ways, and by rigidly sticking to any specific app’s style of communication, they actively prevent them from doing this.


?  The Spike Solution

Spike balances the best of email, instant chat, voice and video calls to ensure you always have the perfect way to communicate. We call it Conversational Email, and it’s liberating people everywhere to communicate in a more human way. Of course, sometimes, people just want to see a friendly face, so scheduling one-to-one time with staff and coworkers on your integrated calendar is always important!


They’re Unnecessary

collaborative toolsPhoto by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash


Some apps seem to have put very little thought into what workers actually need to make them more productive. Sure, they promise increased focus by organizing your life in new and unfamiliar ways. Sure, they deliver “proven” tools that boost productivity. They might even suggest that your older and less trendy tools are slowing you down. However, do you really need an innovative way to manage your calendar? Do you honestly need an overly complex user interface just to share documents with the colleague sitting next to you?


In truth, there’s a huge number of productivity apps that are unnecessary to the way we work, simply adding to the steps needed to manage simple tasks or projects. Sometimes, a simple calendar is ALL you need. Sometimes email is the perfect communication tool. Often, just sending a photo of an important document is enough. We don’t need more, we need better!


? The Spike Solution

Spike is built around email. We’ve integrated an easy-to-use calendar. Spike Notes and Tasks sit right in your inbox. The beauty of Spike lies in its simplicity. We’ve combined all the tools you use on a daily basis into your inbox. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t—and through careful design, your tools work together seamlessly, together on the same screen. It’s all right at your fingertips.


Spike’s mission is to redefine the world of productivity and communication through 21st-century email. For more information on how we’re reimagining the workplace, stay tuned to the Spike blog or drop us a Tweet @SpikeNowHQ and let us know the reasons your team has not adopted the latest productivity apps.

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