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Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

By Spike Team, August 12, 2019
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For small businesses starting out in today’s increasingly competitive markets, getting the right kind of exposure and ensuring your advertising is on-point is critical to your success. However, the days of posting your business in the Yellow Pages or putting together a flashy TV add are long gone. Today, social media is king, and if you’re not yet leveraging its potential, you may very quickly find that your business is eclipsed by your competitors.


Thankfully, for small businesses in particular, putting together a social media strategy is relatively straightforward. The best part is, you can take care of it yourself, helping you to get the exposure you need without breaking the bank. However, you’re going to need a little help along the way. So, to get you started, we’ve rounded up six of the best social media tools for businesses that are sure to give you an edge in the competitive world of social media.




If you’re looking for a quick start, then Crowdfire is THE social media tool for small businesses. To begin, simply connect your websites, blogs, and social accounts and let the app know your specific topics of interest. From here, Crowdfire will automatically suggest shareable content that aligns with your business, as well as allow you to publish your own content formatted to any of the major social platforms. Additionally, an intuitive scheduling system will allow you to post all types of content at times specified by you— providing a welcome dash of automation for overworked business owners.




Facebook advertising can be a very useful way to generate interest and targeted exposure for your business, however, hiring someone to take over your account can be eye wateringly expensive. Thankfully, AdEspresso is among the best social media management tools for small businesses that can’t afford pricey Facebook ad experts. Simply put, the app allows you to create thousands of variants of any specific add. This helps your business to analyze which ads work best so you can maximize your ROI through continuous optimization.




When it comes to Twitter, there’s one name that’s been around since (almost) the very first tweet—TweetDeck. This deceptively simple app allows users to consolidate multiple Twitter accounts into columns, so you can quickly and easily view timelines, mentions, direct messages, lists, trends, favorites, search results, hashtags, and all tweets by or to a single user. As a free social media monitoring tool for small businesses, it gives you unprecedented access to Twitter’s broad range of audiences.


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Google Alerts

Where would the world be without Google? Well, while that question might be slightly problematic, Google Alerts isn’t. As a free social media tool for small businesses, it’s indispensable and super simple to use. Use the app to enter terms related to your brand, business, or market, and Google Alerts will send you an email alert whenever those terms are mentioned. It’s the ultimate proactive tool for small businesses and startups who want to get ahead in the social media game.



Social Bakers

Social media can be a fickle space, so analyzing what works and what doesn’t in real-time is crucial to driving success. Additionally, keeping an eye on your competitors and monitoring how they perform can provide valuable insights into how to get ahead. While all of this may sound intimidating to small businesses just starting out on their social media journey, it can be made simple with Social Bakers. Featuring a range of social media monitoring tools, small businesses can easily keep up with how audiences feel about your brand through sentiment analysis, monitor conversations across social media by tracking relevant keywords, and identify brand advocates to understand how they connect with your audience.




If you’re creating fresh content for your social media platforms, then you know what’s worth a thousand words? That’s right, pictures! Using images in your social media and blog posts is more important today than ever before, and in truth, posts without pictures often look lonely or lost. To help you generate those eye-catching images, Canva is a great social media tool for businesses who don’t want (or need) expensive professional software solutions. It offers a huge range of templates for all the major social media platforms, alongside a wealth of stock images and editing tools so you can create professional-looking pictures for all types of content.


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