What is Spike Teamspace?

Spike Teamspace is a unified communication and collaboration platform. It’s built upon Spike’s core concept of conversational email. Teamspace streamlines teamwork by integrating various communication channels and project management tools into a single, user-friendly interface.


What are Teamspace Core Features?


Conversational Email:

Email conversations are grouped chronologically in a single window. This makes it more readable, accessible, and streamlined.


Unified Communication Hub:

Spike Teamspace unifies email, chat, video calls, and file sharing within one platform. No more switching between multiple apps – manage all team communication needs in one central location.


Team Channels & Groups:

Users can create dedicated channels for projects, brainstorming, or announcements.


Integrated File Sharing:

Spike Teamspace enables integrated file sharing and collaboration. Users can sync Spike with their Google Drive, or other resources to share files. Or, create Spike Notes, to share create and share docs directly within the platform.


External Collaboration:

Collaborate effortlessly with clients, partners, or vendors who aren’t Spike users. Since Spike is layered over email, users can still communicate externally using the platform.


Task Management Tools:

Keep projects on track with integrated task management features. Assign tasks, track progress, and ensure everyone’s on the same page.


Real-time Presence Indicators:

See if your colleagues are online, similar to features in chat apps.

Gain Communication Clarity with Spike