How to delete/ archive/ mark as ‘read’ multiple messages?

Clean inbox clutter faster than you can blink. Archive, trash, or mark as read/unread thousands of messages in a single swipe.

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You have multiple ways to use bulk actions in Spike.

One way is to long press the left side of the threads (the avatars) which will select them one by one. This lets you clean your inbox with delete, archive or mark as read using the icons in the bottom.



Spike email

Another way to do bulk actions is to select multiple messages at once. Tap on the small ‘Check’ icon  (top right) above your messages.
This will select all messages. If you wish to keep certain threads from being affected, you can de-select them by tapping on each item and your command will not apply.

Then, select the relevant icon to trash archive or mark as read.



A quick trick to mark a large amount of messages as unread is to long press the ‘Other’ section which will mark all the newsletters and unknown senders as unread:



  1. To select a message or thread, click on one of the Avatar circles that are located on the left side of the thread.
  2. You can select multiple messages by tapping the Avatars of multiple threads. Another click on the avatars will de-select the message or conversation.
  3. Another possibility is to use the Shift key to select multiple items.


We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎