Intro to teamspace

Teamspace is a shared hub where your team’s chats, emails, and meetings are all brought together in a unified feed so that your team can focus on their work and collaborate more efficiently.

A few use cases of teamspace include:

  • Employee engagement and communication

  • Bringing campaigns to market faster

  • Increasing sales productivity and growing revenue

  • Improving team collaboration

  • Communicating with clients and partners

  • Corporate communication

  • Streamlining team efficiency

  • And many more..


Teamspace provides all the tools teams need to communicate effectively, including:
Email Plus: email that is as simple as chat
Groups: for private discussions by topic within and outside of your organization
Channels: for public team chat with colleagues
Collaborative Docs: share, edit, and review docs with your teammates
Video calls: hop on a video call with anyone directly from your feed

Teamspace allows you to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with your coworkers, clients, and partners — even if they’re not on Spike.

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