Quick swipe – customize your swipe gestures



There a few simple ways to customize your swipe gestures so that you can get through your email as quickly as possible.


Default option:

email swipe gestures

Quick Swipe

Best for users who want to quickly get through a lot of emails.

The Spike Quick Swipe can be customized to your preference. You can choose if you want your swipe default to be Archive or Delete. This can be easily changed in your Settings.



How to activate Quick Swipe: 

  1. Swipe right to get to the menu.
  2. Go to Settings Email settings .
  3. Scroll down to Messaging.
  4. Turn on Quick Swipe.


Spike quick swipe

Are you the type of person that deletes everything? 



  1. Tap the Swipe Action Buttons under Quick Swipe.

    Spike email app
  2. Choose Delete and Archive.

    Delete swipe

When activated, a short swipe from right to left will delete:

Spike email

And a long swipe from right to left will Archive:

Archive email spike

Are you the type of person that Archives everything?

Do the same just choose to archive option. For you, a short swipe will archive and a long one will delete.


Swipe right to have more options.


spike quick swipe


This will open the actions menu.

Spike email app

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎