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The Power of Kudos - 5 Reasons Employee Recognition Leads to Company Success

By Spike Team, April 30, 2020
employee recognition

When it comes to getting the best from your staff, a little encouragement goes a long way. The days of gray-faced executives dishing out “tough love” and strict disciplinary procedures while remaining insensitive and aloof to those who are doing the “real” work are long gone—and if that’s where you’re at right now, then maybe it’s time to consider a change of scenery.


No, today, we live in a world of mutual respect and organizational transparency. A world where creativity and problem-solving skills are encouraged. A world where recognizing the unique talents and insights your employees bring to the table is a fundamental step towards success. The power of kudos then, should never be underestimated.


However, while many companies might recognize the need for employee recognition programs, for regular staff feedback sessions, and for effective team meetings that praise another collaborative job well done, the reasoning behind these measures is often lost. Sure, you’re told that unhappy employees are likely to cause problems with your team, that they may be difficult to work with, and that they’ll eventually leave, but what about happy employees? How can they help your business grow and maintain success?


Here then, we look at five reasons employee recognition will translate into success for your company.



Valued Employees are Healthier

Stress is a killer, and when it comes to frazzled employees, sooner or later, it’s likely to mean sick days or even complete burnout. However, a comprehensive employee recognition program can help reduce stress by reinforcing how valuable an individual is to the company, while at the same time creating a stress-free working environment that perpetuates itself. Put simply, stress-free employees help spread a feeling of productive calm throughout the office, improving mental health and potentially reducing sick days.


The importance of employee recognition in helping beat stress should be recognized early on. It’s easy to let things spiral out of control, and very often it’s the little things that get you down during stressful periods. At your busiest times of the year, even an employee recognition email can work wonders for morale, and when things quiet down again you can implement more robust feedback sessions and appraisals. 


Employee Recognition Ideas with Spike

Keeping stress levels down can help your company reap some serious benefits. Using Spike Groups, you can regularly check in on your teams and reassure staff that they are on the right track, while at the same time providing some valuable employee recognition. Groups makes it easy to manage teams and projects by balancing both synchronous and asynchronous communication—meaning your employees can jump on chat when they need instant feedback or switch off and rely on email when they don’t. It’s the perfect antidote to today’s always on mentality.


Happier Employees Means More Productive Employees

employee recognition


If there’s one telltale sign of an unhappy employee, it’s that they’ll only ever do the bare minimum. On the other hand, a happy employee is likely to give their all, and they’ll do it with a smile. In fact, one study conducted in the UK points to a massive 12% increase in productivity, with happier workers using their time more effectively to produce work of the highest caliber.


The role of employee recognition in ensuring employees are happy while at work is pretty clear. Tell someone they are doing a good job and they’ll do their best to keep doing a good job. However, the importance of employee recognition goes much deeper than this, and happy employees also means happier clients and customers.


When you create a harmonious working environment, employees are much more likely to share their “good vibes” with the people they deal with on a daily basis. This leads to stronger client relationships and better customer service. Any successful company is built on the back of return business, and staff who are always happy to help is the place to start.


Employee Recognition Ideas with Spike

Keeping up morale in busy environments can be challenging, however, Spike lets you reduce clutter and concentrate on spreading a bit of happiness from a single, centralized workspace. Whenever you need to reach out to boost morale, to spread some kind words, or simply plan the next feedback meeting, Spike has got your back. Organize employee recognition appraisals using the Spike Calendar, schedule congratulation emails, birthday wishes, or season’s greetings using Send Later, or simply send a voice note to connect with employees on a more personal level. When it comes to employee recognition, Spike makes it simple.


Employee Recognition = Employee Retention

A key element of any successful company is its ability to find and retain the best talent on the market, and employee recognition is seen as one of the most effective ways to boost employee retention while at the same time forming part of an attractive employment offer for new recruits.


Today, new hires don’t just take into account the salary and benefits of any given position, but also your ethos and vision, personal growth opportunities, and, of course, your company’s ability to give credit where it’s due. An employee recognition program then, should be part of your original offer, reassuring potential staff as to your duty of care.


When it comes to retaining your talent, the key is consistently recognizing an employee’s efforts, not only their successes. This means regular feedback sessions and annual appraisals, as well as a kind word here and there!


Employee Recognition Ideas with Spike

As companies continue to search out the best talent from around the world, remote working and freelancing are becoming increasingly common. However, as a company, you should never take the contribution from these workers for granted—even if you never actually meet face to face. With Spike, however, you can easily stay in touch and organize staff appraisals and digital employee recognition meetings. Either through our video and voice calls, or using our brand-new video and voice conferencing platform, it’s easier than ever to send a kind word across continents.


Staying Connected Helps Identify Problems Early

Employee recognition goes much further than simply telling someone they’ve done a good job. It can be as easy as keeping everyone in the loop, maintaining productive connections across the office and beyond, and making staff feel like they’re trusted on a daily basis. Put simply, if staff know that they are on the right path, they’re much more likely to focus and bring efficiency and productivity to projects, which in turn, will translate into success for your company.


However, staying connected also helps your company identify problems early, giving you the chance to nip them in the bud before they grow into something unmanageable. The thing to remember is that employee recognition programs are there for both the employer and the employee. Active listening and providing constructive feedback will allow you to see problems before they arise and give you the opportunity to offer solutions that staff can implement immediately. 


Employee Recognition Ideas with Spike

Staying connected with staff both inside and out of the office is simple with Spike. Conversational Email brings the best of instant chat and email together to give you the tools you need to stay connected and start dishing out kudos like it’s free pizza! Use our team chat to keep up with projects and congratulate staff on goals reached and milestones passed. It can be as simple as a quick thumb’s up emoji or an employee appreciation email detailing the finer points on how they’re contributing to your company’s success.


Self-Improvement Comes from Employee Recognition

employee recognition ideas


As we’ve mentioned before, today, the best talent needs an outlet for its creativity and ambition, and any company striving for success will recognize that self-improvement is the key to this. However, while we’re not definitively saying that that degree in ceramics will be useless to your fintech startup, it’s often a good idea to push your staff in the right direction through effective employee recognition programs.

When you provide employee recognition, in any form, you are essentially highlighting your employee’s strengths and talents. Take this opportunity to guide them on where those talents can be strengthened and how they can bring added value to your company through self-improvement.


Employee Recognition Ideas with Spike

Self-improvement thrives on employee recognition, and Spike can help you guide staff and nurture their talents. With seamless connectivity to your cloud storage, plus powerful File Manager features, you can regularly send and store educational materials and other resources that can help develop staff over the long term. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and acknowledging each individual staff member’s particular path to self-improvement will help them feel valued while allowing them to explore the next step!


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