The Three Main Benefits of a Unified Email Inbox Explained

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By Spike Team, Updated on February 19, 2022, 4 min read

When you look at your email inbox today vs five or ten years ago, do you think you get more email or less? There are not many people in the world who would say they get less email in 2022 vs 2012. The ease of sending and receiving an email with laptops, smartphones, tablets, Apple Watches, etc. has led to a dramatic increase in the volume of emails received each day. With an increase in volume comes a need for a streamlined way to manage that volume. A unified email inbox is a key requirement for managing email in 2022 and beyond. Let’s look at the top three benefits of a unified inbox for all of your emails.



1. Centralizes Communication

Whether you have multiple email accounts for a single job or multiple emails for several freelance projects, centralizing your communication in a unified inbox helps you stay organized and streamlines your systems. If you have two or three email accounts, you could end up using multiple apps or opening multiple browser tabs to stay on top of it all, wasting time switching between each of them.


If you’re using browser sessions for multiple Gmail and Google Workspace accounts, you’ll likely run into situations where cookies get corrupted and sign-in sessions get logged out. If you’re relying on the pop-up window for alerts from multiple email accounts, these might get missed if your browser times out or gets logged out. Overall, it’ll be a mess trying to manage multiple email accounts.


When you create a unified inbox using an app like Spike, you’ll gain the ability to merge every one of your email accounts – regardless of whether it’s Google Workspace, a regular Gmail account, iCloud, Yahoo, or Outlook. Spike merges them into a single inbox so you can process all of your emails instantly.




If you find yourself getting too much email, turn on Spike’s Priority Inbox to clear out the clutter from your main inbox. This feature is extremely beneficial if you have a “shopping” email account where you sign up for newsletters, coupons, etc. Spike’s Priority Inbox sorts all your less important emails such as newsletters, promotional offers, and random invites into another Inbox, called ‘Other’ for you to check when you have more time (and patience).


Even though all of your email accounts will exist within a unified inbox, replying to a message will always come from the account it was sent to so you’ll never respond back to a customer email from your old Yahoo account from college.



2. A Unified Inbox Improves Response Time

If you have multiple email accounts you must check each day (or each hour), a unified inbox for your email accounts will rapidly improve your response time. If you manage multiple inboxes for your company or even multiple companies, relying on separate apps or browser tabs will slow your response time when working with coworkers or customers.


By leveraging the power of a unified inbox, you can rapidly process new email messages right as they come in. Quick check-in from your boss? Handled. Question from a customer before closing a deal? Answered. Instead of logging into each email account separately (good luck if each account is under the same service), combine them into a unified inbox with a desktop and mobile app like Spike to create a single digital workspace that adds email, collaborative Notes, video calls, Tasks/To-Dos, voice messaging and much more.


One aspect of Spike that can improve your response time is its conversational approach to email. Spike lets you chat in your email inbox just like you do in a messaging app. It clears the clutter of thread headers and signatures so it’s easier and faster to talk. A conversational email approach puts real conversation at the heart of your communications.



3. Increases Productivity

A unified inbox is great for a lot of different reasons, but the most important one is that it increases productivity without adding stress to your workday. We all looking to be more efficient in our work in order to close the laptop sooner or stay ahead of competitors. With a unified inbox, an overflowing inbox of unread emails that need attention is at your fingertips so you can deal with them quicker and easier.


The faster you can read, comprehend, and respond to emails – the faster your goals can be met. With a unified inbox, you can also focus your attention on meeting the needs of your team so you aren’t the gatekeeper for project progress.






When you ditch the browser tabs and move to a unified inbox, you’ll enjoy three key benefits in your communication at work: you’ll centralize your communication process, improve your responsiveness at work with customers and colleagues, and increase productivity.


Spike is the first collaborative email platform that helps teams of all sizes connect, create, and collaborate to accomplish more, so download Spike today to experience all the benefits it brings.

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