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How to Save an Hour a Day

By Spike Team, October 10, 2018
save an hour a day

Working professionals know the struggle of having to manage all those daily tasks. It’s a burden. You rely on so many different tools and services for managing them, that staying on top of your tasks, emails and to-do list becomes more and more time consuming.


Most people would be surprised by the average amount of time spent working just on email. According to a recent Canadian survey, on average, people spend around 17 hours a week on email, and it sometimes even feels like more. This results in spending an average of 2.3 hours a day on email while at the office and spending 1.1 hours working from home. But there’s a way to make this easier.

With Spike, you save around 30% of the time you spend on email. Since you spend, on average, several hours each day on emails, Spike can help save you at least an hour of your day. Imagine what you could do with that extra hour! We have a few ideas of our own!


How is this possible? Glad you asked! Let’s start with the basics: When starting your day, just opening your inbox to copious unread messages can be overwhelming ?


These messages may be important, such as a memo from the CEO or an email from a client, but also include newsletters and promotional offers. We know you want to get through with the important things first, and deal with the rest later. With Spike, your inbox is filtered between priority and non-priority messages, with the power of AI. Spike’s priority inbox saves you time by showing you the most important messages first. Spike also removes notifications for unimportant emails, letting you focus on what matters most and doing away with unnecessary distractions. We think this is extremely important, given that after each distraction you need 10-15 minutes to get back on track. And nobody has time for that.


Email was originally designed as a personal, one-to-one communication platform. Today, we’re more digital and connected than ever before, and need our communication to be even more instant, simple, and efficient. Spike – for that first time ever – integrates messaging and group messaging into email, eliminating the shuffle between different apps.


We designed Spike with saving time always in mind. With powerful resources such as quick replies, (why waste time writing a long message when you can reply in a click?!), to customized notifications, (it’s too noisy out there! Get notified only for important messages), to the fastest search – guaranteed. The bottom line is time saved, and a lot of it too.


With Spike, get straight to the point and save 30% of your day. Imagine what you can do with an extra hour each day!?

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