The Biggest Thing Since the Internet is Coming, and it Will be the Future of How we Work

By Sivan Kaspi, Updated on October 31, 2021, 4 min read
Spike on Oculus launch

What is the metaverse?

In recent months you may have heard the term “metaverse” and how it is set to change the way we live, learn, work and connect.


The “metaverse” is defined as a virtual space where users can interact, create and explore with computer-generated environments and other users. This means that you can work, study and even hang out with friends without physically leaving the space you’re in. The metaverse is meant to bring back human emotion and connection to the time you spend online.


Before the internet it might have been hard to imagine an interface that allows you to access infinite information and immediate communication—but today, the internet is something we use in our daily lives without any afterthought. Likewise is predicted of The metaverse, which is the newest digital experience that will change the world as we know it.


Spike believes that the future of the metaverse starts now, and we’ve got an exciting announcement on how we’re streamlining your work in the future.


Spike VR oculus

What is Spike?

Spike is a fast paced growing startup backed by the best VCs in the industry including Insight partners, Wix and NFX. Spike is used by over 150,000 teams worldwide, including teams at Philipps, Shopify, Fiverr, Zillow and more.


Spike is the future of email. The Spike app transforms your inbox into a chat-like interface and brings all your messaging, collaboration, tasks, and video/audio calls into one place. Making it extremely simple to get your work done, communicate with team members/clients, stay organized and stay productive. Spike ditches the legacy email headers, signatures, and completely cleans up your inbox clutter. So you can concentrate on what’s really important and get productive, even when working remotely.


Important Tools for SMBs

Spike Meets Quest 2

As part of Facebook Connect this week, we’re excited to announce Spike as one of the first 2D productivity apps to launch in the Oculus Store, as Facebook broadens the types of apps in the Store to include 2D panel apps that can be used in Home on Quest 2.


Ready to be even more productive? Spike’s 2D app on Oculus Quest 2 brings Spike’s next generation communication and collaboration features into a virtual desk where your productivity is virtually unlimited. When you log in, you’ll have virtual “tools” that enhance your work routine. In other words – you will be able to collaborate with your colleagues, create shared projects, and meet with clients as if you were actually in the office. With these 2D services remote work won’t feel so remote anymore.


Have a project turn around that is due by EOD? Spike in 2D allows you to ping your team, create interactive groups and get productive without needing to jump between multiple apps. Our tools are making it easy to get it all done faster and simpler.


Plus Spike humanizes digital connections.


Spike email app on Oculus

Here’s why—

Even those who preach the benefits of remote work are growing weary of video meetings. We agree—it can be exhausting.


With Spike’s new 2D app in VR, you’ll be able to attend a meeting with someone virtually. Whether you need to meet with a teammate or a client overseas the app allows you to remotely sync and get connected. Making remote work not only more personal, but much more productive as well. No need to get on a plane to close the deal, that “personal meeting interaction” can be done right from the app. You’ll also enjoy the shared experiences with your team that you miss when you’re not physically together.


In other words – we’re bringing back that watercooler talk that we’ve all been missing from before we all started to work from home. By using Spike’s 2D app on Quest 2 you’ll enjoy connecting with your teams in the metaverse, building meaningful trust, rapport, and connections in ways that weren’t possible before. Spike combined with the metaverse is bridging the gap between the best of remote work with the best of being in-person. Work is ultimately about people and relationships, and by using Spike on Quest 2, you’re bringing that focus to remote work.

Improve Remote Work Collaboration with Spike

Spike in 2D

Spike’s vision is to transform the way we connect in all settings. Today many people have lost human connection by hiding behind screens as they work remotely. Spike allows you to bring back personal communication and seamless collaboration with those around you in the workplace. Your digital workspace won’t feel as if you are disconnected behind a screen.
Instead you will be able to experience a digital 2D interaction and link up on projects, ideas, and ultimately create better work together. We believe the future of technology lies in better connecting families, friends, businesses and teams all around the world and creating meaning for the time you spend online.


Spike is here to make communicating and connecting between people that much easier. Spike gives you the tools to better collaborate on tasks, team building, time management and communication in the metaverse. So even if you work remotely you’ll feel real work experiences, and connections. We’re thrilled to join Facebook on this journey to build the latest developments in the future of work and be a part of the growing ecosystem of 2D apps built for Quest 2.
Join us and see how you can enhance your remote work experience. Spike on Quest 2 creates the future of collaboration and how we work with others. We believe it bridges the gap between remote work and being in the office together, to create a happier and more productive work environment.

Sivan Kaspi Sivan is the Director of Marketing at Spike. A firm believer that the right kind of tech actually helps us use it less, she is passionate about tools that improve our lives. She starts off each morning reviewing her Spike feed over a good cup of coffee.

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