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Conversational Email - Better Instant Messaging for Businesses

By Spike Team, August 29, 2019
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For any small business, good communication between team members is crucial. Whether you’re a three-person startup or a fast-growing company with multiple departments, fostering a vibrant and open working environment is key to your success. You want your best people to communicate freely, sharing ideas and collaborating on projects seamlessly. However, there’s a fine line to walk between healthy chat and spamming. Everyone’s a little guilty of sending a pointless email from time to time…right?


Today, many small businesses turn to instant messaging apps for internal communications, preferring the responsive design and sense of immediacy they bring when compared to conventional email. The thought process is that if you’re communicating through an instant messenger, then there’s someone on the other end of the line ready to answer. However, this is a bit of a double-edged sword—instant replies are great until they become so disruptive that they take up most of your day.


A healthy balance is what’s needed, and the team at Spike has done just that by developing an entirely new approach to instant messaging for businesses. It’s got all the functionality of email with the immediacy of your favorite team chat apps. It’s called Conversational Email, and it’s about to blow your internal communications wide open!


Conversational Email – The Best Instant Messaging for Businesses

Conversational Email is the future. Not only for personal use, Spike is also a business messaging app that’s designed to give you the best of both worlds. It seamlessly combines email and instant messaging to give you a practical and versatile tool that helps you to push your communications to the next level. Here’s how Spike works: 


  • Headers have been ditched and the signatures and thread-style format of conventional email have been redesigned to make your inbox to function like an improved business messaging app. It’s clear, intuitive, and highly functional, allowing you and your team to focus on the content of your messages without needless (and ugly) distractions.
  • Your inbox is organized by your contacts, allowing you to identify and access current messages, message history, attachments, social profiles and more, directly from within your inbox. Need to drop a quick line to a colleague? Just find their contact and jump right into the chat.
  • Real-time email awareness of Spike’s business messaging app lets you always know who’s online and ready to chat. You’ll also find read receipts and animated signals to show when someone is replying.
  • Team chat is upgraded with Groups. Groups lets you create collaborative spaces in which to work on your best ideas. Anyone can join, whether they use the Spike app or not because it works directly through your email.
  • Everything you need (email, instant messenger, file management, cloud storage access, calendars) are consolidated into a single instant messaging app for business. It works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, desktop and through your favorite web browser so you’re always connected.


business communication app email appImage: Spike



Lose the Silos of Information with Our Business Messaging App

Silos of information are a common problem for businesses of any kind. You’ve got your team chat in one app, your email in another, your calendar works independently of both, and let’s not get started on the multiple cloud storage options you’re currently using. However, with Spike, you can lose the frustrating silos of information and combine everything you need into a single, centralized business communications app.


Let’s say you need to connect with a couple of colleagues from different departments on a project; you first need to introduce them to each other, send an email detailing the brief, arrange a time for a face-to-face, plus send a load of supporting documents that are stored on the cloud. Spike streamlines this process so it’s simple and super speedy. It’s enterprise instant messaging made easy—here’s how.


Head over to the Groups tab in Spike and add the contacts you need to work with. Drop them both a quick instant message telling them what the group is about and how they will be working together. Next, compose your briefing email with all the fine details and attach your supporting documents from Google Drive, DropBox, or OneDrive directly within the Spike app. Once that’s done, schedule a meeting with Spike’s integrated Calendar and you’re all set.


Get Instant Replies When You Need Them – Time to Focus When You Don’t

The real beauty of Spike lies in its asynchronous approach to communication. Asynchronous communication methods, such as email, don’t rely on the recipient being online at the same time as you. This means you can send an email when you need to, and deal with any replies at a time convenient for you. You can focus on your work, put your grey matter to good use, and bring out your creative side without the constant distractions of conventional instant messengers.


However, when combined with Conversational Email, Spike’s asynchronous approach becomes more dynamic and responsive. You can reply instantly and ask your colleagues to do the same when the time’s right, and then seamlessly switch back to a more asynchronous approach when you need time to focus. It’s that simple.


For a truly innovative business messaging app for your team, download Spike today and discover the future of email


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