Want iMessage for PC? We've got the Solution for You

By Spike Team, April 04, 2020
imessage for pc

iMessage communication fundamentally changed the community when iOS 5 added support for it. The unique thing that Apple did that made all the difference in adoption was built into the SMS/Messages app. That meant that adoption was almost automatic. Over time, Apple added support for iMessage on the Mac, Apple Watch, and iPad. What about iMessage for PC and Android? Apple hasn’t released a native app for PC or Android, but we have something even better.


Before going further, let’s step back and look at why iMessage is so popular. Users love iMessage because it works like their existing messaging app, supports multiple devices, supports group chats, and it’s faster than traditional email.


What if we could build a system that works across all devices, is faster than traditional email, supports group chat, AND works on Android and PC as well? With Spike, you are getting all of the benefits of iMessage on your PC and Android with the familiarity of email.


With Spike, all you have to do is download the application on your PC, sign in with your existing email address, and then you’ll get all the benefits of iMessage on your PC by using the Groups functionality of Spike. There is no new service to sign up for or friends list to build.



iMessage for PC: Group Chats

Group ChatImage: Spike team chat is built into a single inbox


Group chats on iMessage have become very popular as Apple has added support for GIFs, stickers, etc. Apple hasn’t done a great job of building tools to help manage notifications, hiding conversations, etc. Email already supports all of these features, but they aren’t done in an easy to understand way. Spike takes what people love about iMessage and adds it right into your email app.



Support for All Platforms

Because Spike works on top of your existing email service, you aren’t limited to just iPhone, Mac, or iPad. You can now have the ease of use of iMessage, but with the reliability of email and cross-platform access on Android, PC, and on the web. Spike is available everywhere!



Chat and Get Back to Work

When you want someone’s attention to ask a quick question, do you turn to email or your messenger? Most people turn to tools like iMessage because it’s faster. We agree that iMessage is better than traditional email for quick conversations— that is why we built Spike. We wanted to create a product to take what people love about iMessage and build it to email. Spike eliminates the slowness and repetitiveness of email. Forget cheesy openings and signatures; just say what you want to with Spike’s simple chat format say and get back to work. Regardless if the other person uses Spike, users on Spike get responses in a streamlined interface just like they would with a group chat iMessage.



Why Spike is the Best iMessage for PC Alternative

There are two types of people in the world: those that are frustrated by having multiple feeds to manage and those that have seen the future with Spike. Email is still the backbone of our communications, and Spike takes all the features people love from iMessage and brings them into your email inbox. Best of all, it’s not just limited to Apple products. It works on Android, Windows, and the web. If you want to declutter from group chats, ditch the countless other communication tools on your home screen, and have an iMessage-like experience on the PC and Android, Spike is the tool you have been waiting for.


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