iMessage for Windows 10 and 11: When will Apple release it?

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By Spike Team, Updated on March 12, 2023, 6 min read
iMessage for Windows 10 and 11

The popularity of Apple’s iMessage service is no secret. With close to 1.3 billion users, iMessage is one of the most used chat platforms in the world. As Apple’s built-in messaging platform (keep reading for more information on iMessage for Windows 10 and 11), iMessage is supported by all compatible devices operating under the iOS/MacOS operating system. It includes several core features: text messaging; exchanging images, video files, and documents, and read receipts.


iMessage first came available on iOS in 2011, and the macOS version launched two years later. In 2020, Apple announced a redesigned Messages app that adds some of those previously unavailable features to Macs—such as location sharing and message effects. The rollout of iMessage made it possible for Apple users to send text messages from any iOS device—a major shift in the way people communicate. Built into the standard SMS/Messages app, iMessage conversations are encrypted so only the people within the iMessage conversation can view their content. For example, the service allows sending location data and stickers, information that can only be shared by parties communicating via iMessage.


But what about other systems like Windows 10 and 11? Will they ever get an iMessage integration? Over time, Apple has added support for iMessage on the Mac and iPad–but nothing yet for Windows 10 and 11. But is there a workaround? Yes! With Spike! With Spike for PC, you can enjoy the benefits of iMessage without having to rely on Apple devices. Keep reading to learn how Spike makes a great alternative iMessage for Windows 10 and 11 app!



iMessage for Windows 10 and 11: How to get it?

iPhone showing an iMessage for Windows 10 and 11 alternative


What if we could build a system that works across all devices, is faster than regular email, and supports group chat—as well as on Android, PC, and the web? With Spike, you are getting all of the benefits of iMessage in an easy-to-use email format. Sign in with your email address to get iMessage-like functionality on your Windows 10 and 11 PCs, including group chat. It works like regular conversations or group chats.


If you manage a group of PCs, you can even deploy the Microsoft Store version of Spike using Microsoft Intune. All your users have to do is sign in with their regular email address to get started.



Why iMessage is a Great Service

Before going further, let’s consider why iMessage is so popular among users. They love it because—unlike traditional email—it works like their existing messaging app, supports multiple devices and group chats, offers easy GIF support, and is faster.


Unlike many other chat services, the iMessage app is built into every Apple device and automatically sets itself up when you connect your cell phone or Apple ID to a new computer. This makes it easy for iOS users to communicate with friends—but it also means that if you’re looking to use it on an alternative messaging system like Windows 10 or 11, you’re out of luck.



Why iMessage is Still big Tech Lock-in

Apple’s iMessage is a big tech lock-in that hurts consumers. iMessage is controlled by Apple, so it can’t be used on non-Apple devices. This means that if you want to use iMessage, you have to buy an iPhone or iPad. If you don’t have one of those devices, you wont be able to use iMessage at all! This is a big problem because it forces people to buy a device they don’t want just so they can communicate with their friends and family. It’s a big-tech lock-in because it means consumers are locked into using Apple products for their messaging needs. The problem is that this doesn’t just affect one person; it affects everyone with whom that person talks. If you’re an Android user and want to talk to someone else who uses an iPhone, then guess what? You’ll have to use regular SMS—and they’ll have no choice but to use it too!


This isn’t just a problem for individuals; it’s also a problem for businesses that want to use Apple’s Business Chat feature. If your business uses iMessage as part of its customer service strategy—as many small businesses do—then you won’t be able to reach the majority of customers who don’t have iPhones! This is just one example of Apple’s closed-off ecosystem. The company has always been very protective of its products and services, and this will only become more apparent as time goes on.


It’s no surprise that so many people are frustrated by the fact that they can’t use their Android phones to use modern messaging functionality with other people who own iPhones—and vice versa! Apple also continues to refuse to implement RCS messaging, which is a protocol to replace SMS messaging. At the 2022 Code Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that Apple customers are apparently not asking for RCS support on their iPhones. The audience member who asked this question said that he or she was interested in improving the way people communicate over text on smartphones. The person cited Rich Communication Services as a potential solution to some of these problems, which Google also seems concerned about recently.


Cook responded with the following:

“I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy on that at this point.”


Cook is saying that Apple users are not demanding RCS on the iPhone because this would be bad for their texting experience with Android users. Cook presumably knows how people feel about his company’s products based on user data or other research. If Cook accurately relayed those findings, iPhone owners would not be surprised if they stayed within the iMessage network.


But there is clearly a non-zero number of Apple customers that interact with Android users via SMS/MMS in standalone conversations or group chats, despite the presence of an iPhone user. Meanwhile, an Apple executive has previously said that “moving iMessage to Android will hurt us more than help us” (though the company could still make this decision at some point in the future), while another employee reportedly described it as a “serious lock-in” and one of several reasons customers continue sticking with iOS.


Cook’s response to the question was meant as a joke, telling the questioner that they should “buy [their] mom an iPhone” so they could send videos without difficulty. However, Apple’s CEO did not rule out RCS in the future by adding “at this point” to his statement. This could mean that Google’s recent efforts are starting to pay off.



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Spike as Your iMessage for Windows 10 and 11 Replacement

An iMessage alternative for Windows 10 and 11 - Spike Groups


Group chats on iMessage have become incredibly popular thanks to Apple’s addition of GIFs, stickers, and other features. However, the company hasn’t done a good job providing tools for muting notifications or hiding conversations—it’s hard for users to silence the app entirely. Email already supports all of these features, but many users don’t know how to use them well.


Without a native iMessage for PC app, there is no supported way to use it on operating systems other than iOS. That’s where Spike comes in. Spike takes what people love about iMessage—namely its simplicity and ease of use—and adds those same qualities into your email app with the existing address that you already have: Gmail, iCloud Yahoo!, Microsoft 365, or Outlook.


Spike Groups is the best app that lets you use iMessage-like chats on your Windows PC without any of the big-tech vendor lock-ins.


Like iMessage for PC, Apple has never released an official version of iMessage for Android phones. There have been rumors that the company developed one internally but decided not to release it because of business reasons.


We believe that communications technology should be open and you shouldn’t have to worry about the kind of device someone else is using when communicating with them. Spike Groups are the best way to experience iMessage-like simplicity on Android.

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