What Does Queued Email Mean?

A queued email is an email that is in the process of being sent. The email was composed, and the sender clicked to send, but it’s stuck in a temporary waiting state, unable to reach the recipient.


An email is queued for several reasons, such as:

  • Internet connectivity issues:

    If your internet connection drops after clicking send, then the email won’t be transmitted. Instead, it’ll become “queued” until the connection is restored.

  • Large attachments

    Emails with very large attachments (like videos or high-resolution images) can take longer to transmit. If your email client feels the server might be overloaded, it might queue the email until a less congested time.

  • Server overload:

     Sometimes the issue is on the recipient’s end. If their server is overloaded or experiencing technical difficulties your email client will queue the email.

  • Email client glitch:

    Software glitches within your email client could cause emails to get stuck in the queue.

How to Unstick a Queued Email

There are several ways you can try to send a queued email. However, the solution to a queued email depends on the cause:

  • Check your internet connection:

    Ensure you have a stable internet connection. If you do, then try refreshing your email client and try resending the email.

  • Reduce the attachment size:

     If the email has large attachments, consider compressing them or using a file-sharing service to send them separately.

  • Wait it out:

    Sometimes, server overload is temporary. Give it some time and the email might get delivered on its own.

  • Restart your email client:

    A simple software restart can sometimes clear glitches and allow the queued email to be sent.

  • Manually resend:

    Most email clients allow you to access the outbox and resend a queued email if the issue persis



If none of these solutions work, you can:

  • Contact your email provider:

     They might offer further troubleshooting or identify specific issues with your account.

  • Compose a new email

    If the email is urgent, consider composing a new one with a brief explanation of the previous attempt and resend it. (Bear in mind this approach might result in both being sent. So, be sure to mention it in the second email).

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