Keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Whiz through your inbox with keyboard shortcuts!

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Mac.
Access the list of shortcuts with this shortcut: 

Or, the good old fashioned way:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture at the top left to bring up the Main Menu
  2. Select “Help” to bring up additional options
  3. Select “Keyboard Shortcuts” to see a list of the available shortcuts



  • Essentials

  • Quick Actions

  • Format and compose

New Message

Start a new conversation


Send the message you are writing


Reply to the message you have open


Forward the message you have open

Switch Accounts

Switch between the accounts that are connected

New Event

Add a new event to your calendar

New Group

Create a new group

Filter Unread

Show only unread messages

Access the search bar


Go back to your previous window or escape


Undo an action

Open Settings

Open the Settings of Spike

Send and Archive

Send the message you are writing and archive it

Change From

Change the account you are sending from

Switch Recipient Role

Switch between Cc and Bcc roles

Change Reply Mode

Switch between 'Reply All' and 'Reply To'

Email Keyboard Shortcut


Mark an email or thread as read/unread


Star or unstar and email or a thread


Trash a thread


Archive a thread


Snooze a selected message

Move To

Move a message to a different folder/tag

Insert Emoji

Insert an Emoji while writing

Insert GIF

Insert a GIF while writing

Insert an hyperlink


Mark text as bold


Format your message with italic text


Format your message and underline words

Numbered List

Create a numbered list in your message

Bullets List

Create a bullets list in a message

Increase Indent

Format your message by indenting

Decrease Indent

Format your message by decreasing the indent

Remove Formatting

Remove text formatting

Attach Recent

Attach from your recent files

Attach Browse

Attach to your message by browsing your computer

Attach Cloud

Attach to your message from the Cloud

We hope this was helpful!
If you go through these steps and still have trouble, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help 😎